Francis Ngannou has officially signed a multi-fight agreement with the Professional Fighters League, giving them the exclusive right to promote his mixed martial arts matches. 

This probably comes as little surprise to most fans as there have been rumors for weeks that he will be signing with the PFL. What may be surprising to some though are the terms of this contract, which was described to me as unprecedented for MMA

Lineal UFC champion Francis Ngannou silences his doubters.
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Details on Francis Ngannou’s unique deal with PFL

Multiple sources that had knowledge of his negotiations and the agreement has informed Bloody Elbow that this deal would not only make him one of the highest paid fighters but also give him an almost unheard of level of freedom and favorable terms.

Some of the more noteworthy features of Francis Ngannou’s deal include:

  • It is for only 2 or 3 fights
  • Guarantees a “high 7-figure” purse for each fight
  • A split of the events net profits 
  • A signing bonus or salary to serve as a brand ambassador for PFL
  • The right to have his own sponsors in the cage
  • Non-exclusive with regards to boxing
  • No champions clause or other extensions
  • A minimum salary (possibly as high as $1 million) for his opponent.

This is just a snippet of our article that details “an incredible contract for Francis,” that was “more like a top boxer’s contract” than those of other MMA fighters. 

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