Wild Peruvian necktie choke is the coolest move of the week – Finish Him!

Missed a submission or KO from over the weekend? We've got you covered. Included this week is a rare and exquisite Peruvian necktie choke.

By: Dallas Winston | 3 weeks ago
Wild Peruvian necktie choke is the coolest move of the week – Finish Him!

What’s Finish Him? It’s like a lovely muffin basket to brighten your day! Except the muffins are violent KO’s and crafty submissions from this past weekend.

Nasty choke at CES

The CES (Classic Entertainment and Sports) 73 event churned out two rare and gorgeous submission wins last weekend: a Peruvian Necktie and Crucifix Kimura. Invented by MMA old-schooler Tony De Souza, a student of BJJ legend and Nova Uniao coach Andre “Dede” Pederneiras, the Peruvian Necktie is one of many modified guillotine options from the front headlock, and a rarely executed submission in MMA.

Check out the choke here.

Crucifix + Kimura = Tap

Sure, kimuras are often secured from side mount and finished in a position similar to crucifix but it is quite rare to first lock down the crucifix position and then transition into a kimura. Recently, Erin Blanchfield authored this submission at UFC 281 over Molly McCann and CES 73 delivered another in the Ramano Medina vs. Sam Watford scrap.

Ref fails, a trilogy

Good and bad news: Saul Rogers was initially awarded the submission victory at Bellator 296 for this D’arce choke (unjust) but, somehow, the overseeing commission in Paris, France used instant replay to fittingly overturn the win to a No Contest just a few moments later (truly impressive).

If you thought Sterling Aljamain becoming UFC bantamweight champ by DQ against Petr Yan was unimpressive and anticlimactic, check out how Rolando Romero earned the WBA Super Lightweight title on the Showtime Boxing card. Anyone have even a vaguely plausible defense for ref Tony Weeks here?

And of course, in what turned out to be arguably the most controversial stoppage of the weekend, KSI shellacked Joe Fournier at Misfits 007 — a no-no in boxing.

A record setting KO from UFC on ABC 4

Bellator 296, KSW 82, ONE Lumpinee 16 and more

Rounding out the weekend KO collection is a nasty left cross and flurry of punches from Raja Jackson, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson’s son.

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