KSI talks elbow KO, apologizes for ‘tarnished’ yet ‘inevitable’ win

KSI shares his side of the story of his elbow KO win over Joe Fournier, which he admits is now "tarnished" by the illegal blow.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 weeks ago
KSI talks elbow KO, apologizes for ‘tarnished’ yet ‘inevitable’ win

YouTuber and rapper turned professional boxer KSI scored another victory this weekend when he fought Joe Fournier under his own Misfits Boxing banner. Unfortunately for the sanctity of celebrity pugilism, that win has been marred by controversy—with the reveal that an illegal elbow strike was responsible for the knockout victory. 

A few days removed from the bout, KSI appears interested in sharing his side of the story, and in sending a message to his fans. 

On the night itself, KSI was officially awarded with a second-round knockout win. In the time since, many who saw the fight are calling for that victory to be revoked and overturned. 

As he stated in a recent tweet, the London-based rapper-turned-pugilist admitted that the victory, while “inevitable” is tarnished. 

“I worked very hard for this fight and had an intense and grueling camp. There’s no better feeling than being in that ring and having my hand raised in front of my loyal and amazing fans who I appreciate so much,” he wrote. 

“Unfortunately the victory which was inevitable no matter what, is tarnished and I hate that. It sucks!”

KSI explains his side of the story

Based on the video that has since gone viral, the elbow strike did appear to be accidental. However, to hear KSI tell it, Fournier was already done even before the elbow strike landed.

“After landing my overhand he was pretty much out on his feet and I went for a short right hook as Joe clinched me and fell into me. I landed that hook and my glove made contact but appears to have been followed by unintentional contact with my forearm. 

“I’m gutted that it’s not as clean a win as I wanted and it feels like it diminishes my hard work with my trainers. 

“Either way I hope you enjoyed the show and appreciate the support. Sorry to all the fans disappointed with it. No one is more so than me.”

Joe Fournier files formal appeal

Meanwhile, Fournier has officially filed an appeal to the Professional Boxing Association. Feeling ‘cheated’ by KSI, the 40-year-old wants the results to be overturned to a disqualification and a rematch down the line. 

As a result of the original knockout ruling, Fournier has also raised questions as to KSI’s connection with the promotion as a partner. 

“That should go down as a loss. You can’t walk up to someone in boxing and elbow them. It’s not Muay Thai, it’s not MMA. It’s boxing. I’m fresh, brand new,” he said in a post-fight interview

“He cheated. Clear and black and white. You’ve all seen the replays, it’s gone viral, it’s all over the world. He hit me with a clean elbow, and the ref was right there, watched it. When you’re fighting a promoter on his own show… I’ve never been cheated like that in my life.”

KSI’s exhibition record remains unblemished at 4-0. 

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