Colby Covington brands bare-knuckle boxing as a sport of ‘UFC washouts’ and ‘Indian fairground’ fighters

Colby Covington has very unflattering words for bare-knuckle fighting, a sport he says he doesn't tune into.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 weeks ago
Colby Covington brands bare-knuckle boxing as a sport of ‘UFC washouts’ and ‘Indian fairground’ fighters

Colby Covington had some unflattering words to say about BKFC and bare-knuckle boxing. “Chaos” recently spoke to veteran journalist James Lynch, and was asked about the sport and its growing popularity. 

Covington says he’s never watched a BKFC fight, and had quite a colorful description about this particular brand of prizefighting. 

Colby Covington slams BKFC and bare-knuckle boxing

Lynch went onto ask Colby Covington about the recently-concluded BKFC 41, which featured UFC alums Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold in the headliner. “Platinum” won via second-round stoppage, while leaving Rockhold with mangled teeth

The former interim champion said this in response. 

“To be honest, I’ve never watched one of those fights. I’m not interested in a sport like that. Especially, nonetheless, of guys (who) are just UFC washouts. 

“These are just guys that are going to fight in Indian fairgrounds because they couldn’t make it in the UFC. We’re talking about the biggest and best business and the biggest and best fights. And that’s only in the UFC. It’s the best organization in the world.”

Former UFC fighters in bare-knuckle boxing 

There is a growing list of former UFC fighters in bare-knuckle boxing, particularly in BKFC. Some of them are former champions like Eddie Alvarez, who also competed in BKFC 41 against fellow UFC alum Chad Mendes and won via split decision, sending the latter to permanent retirement

And like Perry, some of them have found greater success in bare-knuckle. Case in point: TUF 1 alum Chris Leben, who holds a 3-1 record under BKFC and eventually became the platform he retired in. Then there’s longtime veteran Houston Alexander, who at 51 is still on a roll with a 3-0 record. He will headline BKFC 43 this Friday against Jeremy Smith.  

But then there are the likes of Paige VanZant, who’s gone 0-2 since she made her debut in 2021. And after the cancellation of her BKFC 27 fight last August, organization David Feldman has grown skeptical about whether or not “12 Gauge” would carry on with her bare-knuckle boxing career. 

What’s next for Colby Covington?

Covington has been inactive since March 2022, when he defeated Jorge Masvidal in their grudge match. He is currently being pushed to face reigning welterweight champion Leon Edwards, an idea that “Rocky” isn’t very fond of. 

And even without the title in his possession yet, Colby Covington already foresees a matchup against middleweight champion Israel Adesanya. He already has a game plan in place, which involves utilizing “5,000 takedowns.”

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