Who is KSI fighting tonight? Time to find out who Joe Fournier is

Just who is Joe Fournier and why is KSI keen on fighting him this weekend? Come on in and find out.

By: Victor Rodriguez | 4 weeks ago
Who is KSI fighting tonight? Time to find out who Joe Fournier is
Shades indoors? Nah, fam.

Joe Fournier isn’t exactly a household name in conventional media, but he’ll be at the center of this at tonight’s Misfits Boxing event against online celebrity KSI. That’s why we’re here with another edition of Who The Fook Is That Guy, where we try to answer a few questions for the uninitiated. Like many in the celebrity boxing/influencer sphere, Fournier is a rather interesting cat; we’ll be taking a look at just who he is and why he’s here.

Alright, where’d Joe Fournier come from?

Fournier’s earliest years are a bit of a mystery. He was either born in Monaco or the UK depending on where you look and who you ask. He grew up in Hounslow, England, which is also the birthplace of former Strikeforce champ and combat sport legend Alistair Overeem.

With a background in personal training, he managed to open a few gyms. from there, Fournier was able to expand into the nightclub business, which apparently became a booming success. He’s basically living the dual life of an SNK character being a moneyed playboy that fights as a hobby. Can’t knock that, it sounds real cool on paper.

OK, but can he fight, though?

Kinda, sorta, maybe? A quick look at his BoxRec numbers will give you an impressive 9-0. But don’t get too excited. The guys he’s fighting aren’t going to be dazzling prospects. And yeah, this isn’t MMA. You’re looking at a guy that’s had nine fights since 2015, and he’s not the kind of person making a serious run at title contendership or greatness.

Fournier is fighting guys that are 0-5, 0-13, 2-24 and 11-41. We can estimate his age to be ~42, and he had a suspension after a bout in Belgium that saw him sidelined for several years. Despite that, he had a few fights against some no-namers in Dominican Republic for some reason and some controversy regarding his ability to maintain a ranking during that period. Not a great look!

Right, but what’s this guy’s deal?

Well, it’s Misfits Boxing, baby! Dude has an online presence due to his Instagram persona or whatever. I guess that’s appealing, as he’s flexing the online libertine lifestyle thing. Also, his IG bio reads as “6ft 1 undefeated boxer”, which… sure. That’s a flex. He didn’t choose his height and he’s fighting a gaggle of bobos, but yeah! Let’s take him seriously. That’ll do.

Enough, Vic. Can the guy really fight?

Sure. His highlights look alright. Nothing too crazy, nothing that bad. We just need to emphasize he’s fighting enhancement talent. He looks good because he’s supposed to look good. Not even trying to be mean, these cats just aren’t putting up that much of a fight, it seems. Observe:

The only truly legit opponent he had was against British great David Haye, and that was in an exhibition bout. He got a few good looks here and there. As expected, that was not a bout he won.

Short answer, yes. Not like it matters much. He’s up against another part-time fighter more focused on his viewership metrics. Not knocking the hustle, let’s just temper our expectations here.

Get a glimpse into his life (or what he and his people want you to perceive it to be) right here in a nice little promo package courtesy of DAZN.

Finally, here’s a cute little one-on-one verbal jabbing vid between Fournier and KSI as part of their promo campaign.

As for the question of how he stacks up against KSI? Nope. Not gonna do an analytical dive on that. You either buy into the show whole hog or you don’t. Want to see the people that you’ve developed a parasocial relationship with beat each other up? Here’s a change for that! At least Joe Fournier is the kind of guy that seems to be taking this rather seriously. That’s as generous as I can be, and frankly more than this deserves.

Misfits Boxing 007: KSI vs Fournier takes place this Saturday, exclusively on DAZN PPV. More information can be found over at MisfitsBoxing.com.

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