KSI vs. Joe Fournier fight card predictions

KSI is back tonight with another cross-over boxing event. This time he's taking on a foe with some actual boxing experience.

By: Tim Bissell | 4 months ago
KSI vs. Joe Fournier fight card predictions
KSI performing at Hits Radio 2022. IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

KSI and his Misfits Boxing promotion are back tonight with MF & DAZN: X Series 007, live from the OVO Wembley Arena in London, England. The event if the usual Misfits fare with stars from social media, gaming, music and other sports smushed together for a night of sloppy, yet entertaining, boxing.

Below is a preview of the fights and predictions on how they might all pan out.

KSI vs. Joe Fournier MF & DAZN: X Series 007 predictions

KSI vs. Joe Fournier

KSI is one of the most popular internet celebrities in the world right now. He belt his empire with video game streaming, prank videos and then a celebrity boxing series against Logan Paul (which is what we can blame/thank for this new boom era in show fights).

After a draw and win over Paul in exhibition bouts, KSI launched his own promotion and has since defeated three hand picked opponents in order to call himself Misfits Boxing’s cruiserweight champion (a title he’s putting on the line tomorrow).

His most recent fight was against gaming rival FaZe Temperrr (a late replacement for Dillon Danis, who signed up for the fight without perhaps any intention of actually doing it). KSI blasted through Temperrr, winning by KO just over two minutes into the fight.

He’s facing Joe Fournier on Saturday. If you don’t who that is. We’ve got you covered.

Fournier’s last pro fight was a victory over Reggaeton artist Reykon on the undercard of Jake Paul vs. Ben Askren in 2021. A few months after that he lost an exhibition bout to former WBA heavyweight champion David Haye.

Prior to these bouts he was a journeyman pro who pieced together a 9-0 record with fights mostly in the Dominican Republic. Outside of boxing Fournier is well known face on the London nightclub scene. He owns a handful clubs in the English capital.

He might be the best opponent KSI has ever faced in the ring. But will we see that? KSI hand picks opponents and those involved often get multiple appearances in the promotion, where they can make a bit of money and get a lot of exposure. I’m pretty sure everyone involved in this fight knows which side of their bread is buttered, if you catch my drift.

So don’t be surprised to see Fournier hold back in this bout. I don’t think he’ll take a dive, but I also don’t think we’ll see a ton of aggression out of either fighter in this bout. Expect a lacklustre sparring session with lots of holding.

KSI has some power in his right hand, but his form is laughable. No one with pro experience is going to get caught by his incredibly telegraphed knockout punch. That being said, he’ll throw it a bunch to justify the judges giving him the rounds.

Prediction: KSI by decision

Deja Olatunji vs. Swarmz

Deja is KSI’s little brother. Swarmz is KSI’s previous opponent. When KSI fought Swarmz he beat him with a second round stoppage. I’m sure Deja will want to improve upon.

Last time we saw Swarmz is was when he took a weird doctor’s stoppage win over Ryan Taylor. That fight ended after Taylor claimed he couldn’t see after taking a single punch, a jab, from Swarmz.

We last saw Deji opposite Floyd Mayweather Jr. Mayweather boxed circles around Deji in that exhibition before upping the intensity and forcing the referee to step in.

Swarmz is mobile and unpredictable. But Deji seems to actually attempt to box and has some pretty valuable experiences under his belt now. I think that should be enough to earn a decision.

Prediction: Deji by decision

Salt Papi vs. Anthony Taylor

Salt Papi is about as exciting a fighter can be in this realm. He boasts over 500K followers on both Instagram and YouTube and a record of 3-0 in cross-over boxing, including two highlight reel KOs. You can see the KOs below:

He’s fighting Anthony Taylor, whose mediocre MMA record is outshone by his association with Jake Paul (having been his primary sparring partner in the past). He’s struggled to make a name for himself in cross-over boxing with the cleanest punch he’s landed being on Dillon Danis in a parking lot.

Salt Papi seems to have some genuine punching skill and is able to land with power both coming forwards and on the back-foot. He also paces himself, unlike 90% of the jobbers who do this stuff. I think he’s going to score another KO here and potentially set up a main event one on of these cards in the future.

Prediction: Salt Papi by KO

Tennessee Thresh vs. Paigey Cakey

Now we have reached the part of the card where I haven’t heard of anyone. And none are notable enough for us to write a Who the Fook are they post.

Tennessee Thresh is a ‘fashion model’ with over 500k instagram followers. Paigey Cakey is a ‘musician’ with 300k Instagram followers. Thresh has actual training footage on her page so that’s enough to get my pick.

No matter who wins, though, it’s going to be a mess with arms swinging high, both fighters closing their eyes and turning away from the punches. The first newbie to get bopped on the nose will quit on the stool.

Prediction: Tennessee Thresh by KO

ViruZz vs. DK Money

ViruZz and DK Money have both in there before, but neither have made much of an impression on the scene yet. Last time out Money was KO’d by King Kenny. ViruZz is coming off an amateur win over Momo Geronimo.

Both these guys are extremely hittable with zero concept of how to block a punch. ViruZz seems to be better at landing them, though. He’s also longer and more athletic.

Prediction: ViruZz by KO

Little Bellsy vs. Lil Kymchii

These two got nuts at the press conference with Little Bellsey throwing a bottle at Lil Kymchii and Lil Kymchii responding by throwing a raw fish at her (really).

Little Belsey has fought before and that carries a lot of weight in these things. There’s a 50-50 chance that anytime a debutante gets hit for the first time they literally turn their back and beg for a way out the fight.

Prediction: Little Belsey by KO

WingsOfRedemption vs. Boogie2988

I had to look both these guys up. Wings allegedly faked threats of suicide for views on his whatever channel. Boogie has an assault charge and a form of blood cancer. Both guys are heavyset and unlikely to understand the cardio needed for a minute of boxing. I expect an adrenaline dump and then a big old hug fest for as long as this one goes.

Prediction: Wings, I guess.

Luis Nestor vs. Archie King

I think I’ve done enough by now.

Prediction: Nestor by 🤷

Upblissed vs. Unbaer


Prediction: Double KO.

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