‘I respect boxing too much’ – Jake Paul wants KSI’s controversial win over Fournier revoked

Jake Paul is calling for the revocation of KSI's win over Joe Fournier.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 4 weeks ago
‘I respect boxing too much’ – Jake Paul wants KSI’s controversial win over Fournier revoked
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Jake Paul adds to the list of people crying foul over KSI’s controversial second-round win over Joe Fournier during an exhibition bout on Saturday’s Misfits Boxing event. “The Problem Child” wants the KSI’s win revoked and overturned to either a disqualification or a No Contest. 

Paul expressed his sentiments via social media along with a clip of the said incident. 

Jake Paul wants KSI’s win revoked

KSI’s illegal shot immediately made the rounds online as it happened. As seen in the clips, the YouTuber and rapper went for a straight right hand to the body and followed up with a two-punch combination from close range. 

His second shot, which was likely intended as a right hook, instead landed as an elbow strike that hit Fournier cleanly in the left jaw. Fournier went down and the referee stopped the fight, awarding KSI with the win. 

This, of course, stirred up discussions online. Jake Paul was one of the participants of those conversations, and he is calling for the result to be overturned, all for the sake of “respect” for the sport of boxing. 

Jake Paul is currently preparing for his August 5th fight with former UFC superstar Nate Diaz. 

Joe Fournier wants a rematch

Fournier was understandably upset by the outcome. As he stated in a post-fight interview, not only did he agree with Jake Paul’s statement, he is also calling for a rematch. 

“I felt the elbow. I saw the punch go past my face, and he hits me with an elbow. It was a right hand, right hand goes past me. It’s gone viral. Literally, I felt bone,” he recalled. 

“Of course, you’ve got to run it back. He should be disqualified. That should go down as a loss. You can’t walk up to someone in boxing and elbow them. It’s not Muay Thai, it’s not MMA. It’s boxing. I’m fresh, brand new.” 

The 40-year-old Fournier, who holds an undefeated professional record of 9-0, feels there is a bit of bias given KSI’s connection with Misfits. 

“He cheated. Clear and black and white. You’ve all seen the replays, it’s gone viral, it’s all over the world. He hit me with a clean elbow, and the ref was right there, watched it. When you’re fighting a promoter on his own show… I’ve never been cheated like that in my life,” he said.  

“I came on this promotion to teach kids that you’ve got to do the right thing, you’ve got to be ethical, you’ve got to work hard for everything that you get. Not to cheat and you win. 

“(The commission) can’t let that shit go. They cannot let a clear elbow, which was on the screen everywhere in the world, and then say, ‘Oh no, we didn’t see it. That guy’s the owner, he pays us. So yeah, that was a knockout.’”

Currently, KSI’s exhibition boxing record stands at 4-0.

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