Redneck Brawl 2: Country Roads Throwdown! – Reasons to watch, fight card, start time, price

Need something to help you feel better about your life choices? Redneck Brawl 2: Country Roads Throwdown is here to help.

By: Zane Simon | 4 weeks ago
Redneck Brawl 2: Country Roads Throwdown! – Reasons to watch, fight card, start time, price
Yeah, that looks about right.

Flying under the combat sports radar this week is a little gem airing over on iPPV: Redneck Brawl II – Country Roads Throwdown (really shoulda been ‘Brawl Harder’). Scraping out the bottom of the fight world barrel, the card offers a whole 33 fights worth of hillbilly hijinks, featuring stellar talents like Rickey Shuck, JoJo Ratliff, Timmy Daniels, and Ryan Hall (probably not THAT Ryan Hall… probably).

Fans of carnival-grade combat will be happy to know that they can order the card for just $19.99 either through FiteTV or through the Redneck Brawl website. The event goes down on May 13th, starting at 7:30 PM EST.

Redneck Brawl teaser trailers

Check out a teaser double-wide trailer for Redneck Brawl II:

Combatants will face off in bouts consisting of three 1-minute rounds. With a commentary team consisting of what I can only assume to be legends in the game: Big Murph, Catfish Cooley, and Andrew Conn.

While we may not have a whole lot of info as to just who the numerous peoples of the Waffle House denomination on this card may be we did get a little insight into the main event between ‘Holler Boy’ DJ Longstreath and George ‘Dynamite’ White.

As viewers may have gleaned from the amazingly well produced and entirely coherent video above, this card is set to feature grudge matches all up and down the board between West Virginia rednecks and Kentucky rednecks. Winner gets bragging rights at the next tractor pull, and 500 real American dollars.

Redneck Brawl II: Country Roads Throwdown Fight Card

George White vs DJ Longstreath
Mason Warner vs Dallan Underwood
Shania Stewart vs Savannah Sadlin
Erik Sipple vs David Creekmore
Scott White vs Benny Mitchell

Krystal Curry vs Reva Joseph
Justin White vs Brandon Slone
Joseph Howerton vs Ryan Anselman
Meghan Loftus vs Hennie Kilburn

Zach Oakes vs Branson Cline
Christopher Baker vs JoJo Ratliff
Amy Rhoden vs Brittany Howard
Tara Smith vs Tamara Cole

Bobby Haney vs Mace Adams
Amanda Collins vs Brooke Tackett
Colton Kennedy vs Caleb Costa
Ryan Hall vs Brian Cole

Courtney Wheeler vs Sarah Moore
James Pugh vs Robert Dorton
Rickey Shuck vs Jordan Jones
Whitney Williams vs Britney Owsley

Christopher Justice vs Michael Combs
Cody Stevens vs Dalton Combs
Myranda Hatfield vs Jessika Godsey
Christian Evans vs Tyler Amburgey

Tyler Holmes vs Mason Meek
Jayden Belcher vs Kisha Hall
James Estepp vs Jody Smith
Jacob Ray vs Nathaniel Lawson

Kimberly McCoy vs Brittney Slone
Timmy Daniels vs Richard Dorton
Chase Totten vs James Noble

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