22-year-old Filipino boxer on Manny Pacquiao’s TV show collapses, dies after winning fight

Kenneth Egano, a 22-year-old boxer on Manny Pacquiao's TV show, died after collapsing in the ring.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 4 weeks ago
22-year-old Filipino boxer on Manny Pacquiao’s TV show collapses, dies after winning fight

A 22-year-old Filipino boxer who competed on Manny Pacquiao’s TV show Blow-by-Blow, has died after a four-day coma. Kenneth Egano, who on fought on Saturday, passed away on Wednesday from a brain hemorrhage. 

Egano collapsed in the ring after his eight-round bantamweight bout with Jason Falcurin, where he was declared the winner via decision. 

Boxer on Manny Pacquiao’s TV show collapses

The bout took place in the city of Imus in the province of Cavite, an hour’s drive southward from the country’s capital of Metro Manila. As seen on the video below, it was a firefight between the two young fighters. They weren’t at all shy to trade shots, and left nothing behind. Unfortunately, Egano got the raw end of the deal. 

While the decision was being read, Egano is seen briefly collapsing and unable to stand on his own two feet. He was later propped onto a chair and given an oxygen mask. 

In the other, closer angle of the clip, people around can be heard calling for a medic as Egano’s cornermen tried to help him up. Another individual was heard saying Egano ate way too many punches. 

“The other fighter fainted. Oh my,” another person on the video is heard saying in Filipino. 

Egano was later stretchered out and brought to the nearest hospital, where he fought for his life for the next few days. His boxing record is at 7-1. 

Regulatory board clears Manny Pacquiao and ‘Blow-by-Blow’

An investigation was later conducted by the Games and Amusement Board (GAB), the country’s governing body for professional sports. According to a report by local outlet Rappler, GAB concluded that “there was no mismatch done in the booking of the fight.”

As for Manny Pacquiao and “Blow-by-Blow,” GAB declared that there was no negligence in the immediate medical procedures done on Egano at the time. According to Rappler, GAB chairman Richard Clarin stated in a later interview that the said incident was “just a part of boxing’s inherent dangers to human lives.”

Boxing deaths under the ‘Blow-by-Blow’ banner

Blow-by-Blow, a TV show that showcases young and up-and-coming boxers in the Philippines, originally aired in 1994 and was later revived by Manny Pacquiao’s MP Promotions in 2015. And unfortunately, Egano’s death isn’t the first under the Blow-by-Blow banner. 

In 1995, featherweight Eugene Barutag was matched up against veteran journeyman Randy Andagan. Barutag dominated the first four rounds and was close to finishing the fight by knockout. Andagan, however, caught a second-wind and flipped the script. 

Likewise, Barutag collapsed after the eight-round fight. And due to the lack of a capable ring physician and standby medical team at the time, a media van rushed him to a nearby hospital. Barutag was declared dead on arrival. 

Manny Pacquiao promised to shoulder Egano’s medical expenses

Upon hearing the news, Manny Pacquiao offered to shoulder Egano’s medical expenses. The boxing legend was in his hometown of General Santos at the time and later stated, “there is nothing more precious than human life.” 

A ‘Blow-by-Blow’ alum himself, Pacquiao reportedly instructed his Manila-based staff to make sure that Egano receives all the proper care. 

Pacquiao is also dealing with a fight of his own, this time in the courtroom. The former Senator and Philippine presidential candidate recently lost his legal battle with Conor McGregor’s management Paradigm Sports, who sued him for breach of contract. Pacquiao is ordered to pay $5.1 million.

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