Walmart employee? UFC and NFL washout Greg Hardy explains viral video

Former UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy went viral for supposedly being a Walmart employee these days.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 weeks ago
Walmart employee? UFC and NFL washout Greg Hardy explains viral video

Recently, a video of former UFC heavyweight Greg Hardy made the rounds online. In the said clip, “The Prince of War” is seen in a Walmart uniform, creating speculations of a possible new career outside of fighting. 

In another recent social media post, the disgraced NFL player issued a response to the video, but without really clarifying anything. 

Greg Hardy: From UFC to Walmart employee?

In the video that circulated, Greg Hardy is seen talking to the camera in what seems to be a livestream. Here, he claimed to have been turned into a Spectrum store greeter at a Walmart branch somewhere in Texas. And at least based on his statements on the clip, he didn’t seem too happy about the gig. 

“These n—s turned me into one of them motherf—ng Walmart Spectrum greeters, n—a. If you’re in Texas, come see your boy. How are you gonna turn your boy into a goddamn Spectrum greeter, n—a? Selling packages and shit. 

“And these n—s are rude, too. I said ‘hey’ to one of these motherf—rs. This n—a said, ‘Oh, I’m straight, I don’t want nothing.’ I said, ‘Hey, I didn’t offer you nothing!’ You look too broke to buy Spectrum anyways. 

“I’m trying to get it together, bro.” 

Reported annual salaries of Spectrum greeters are said to be between $51K to $62K. Unless you’re living in an expensive city, that’s not something to sneeze at. 

Greg Hardy explains viral video

In a follow-up video he posted, the 34-year-old athlete denied being a Walmart employee. With a video labeled “Fights Coming Soon,” Hardy had this to say in response. 

“Yo, don’t believe this shit, man,” Hardy said on Instagram (transcribed by MMA News). “Gotta clear things up because it’s 2023 and y’all be wildin’ if people don’t defend themselves. 

“Obviously, I don’t work at Walmart. I’m trying to learn some new skills, and if y’all been paying attention, you know that’s what I do. I infiltrate, start the bottom, learn the skills, then attack. 

“That’s how we made over a million in the UFC, bro. We gonna keep going.”

Hardy’s fighting career after the UFC

The UFC’s Greg Hardy experiment ended in March 2022 after 10 bouts with the promotion, and KO losses in the last three fights.

He then made his transition to pro boxing in the latter part of the year, winning two bouts in a span of a month. Then in June 2022, Hardy signed a multi-fight deal with BKFC. However, his venture into bare-knuckle boxing didn’t go well, badly losing via second-round knockout to Josh Watson in his debut in February. 

Greg Hardy’s MMA record stands at 7-5 (with 1 NC).

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