‘Social media is a lie’ – Paige VanZant fires back at body-shaming ‘haters’

Paige VanZant unloaded on her 'haters' who've apparently been body-shaming her online.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 4 months ago
‘Social media is a lie’ – Paige VanZant fires back at body-shaming ‘haters’

Paige VanZant was one of the UFC’s marquee names who got a lot of push during her run with the company. Outside of fighting, “12 Gauge” made an image for herself as a social media bombshell. At one point, she stated she was making more money on Instagram than when she was an active UFC fighter. 

Nowadays, she’s earning even more on OnlyFans, claiming that a month from the site pays more than her entire BKFC and UFC contracts.

But as the 29-year-old recently pointed out, her life as an influencer has its rough moments. Recently, Paige VanZant responded to her critics who’ve apparently been body-shaming her. 

Paige VanZant fires back at ‘haters’

In a recent Instagram post, VanZant posted a video of herself in front of the mirror, appearing to have a thicker frame. In the caption, she revealed gaining more than 20 pounds, which she says was all muscle and a “f–k ton of happiness.” 

“!!Dear haters, I fucked up!!” her post began. 

“I have been really good at putting my best self forward. Making sure the world sees the “prettiest” side of me. Where I fell short is that I never showed the true me. Until now. 

“The truth is, yes, I have gained a lot of weight…. probably 20+ pounds but I also gained strength, power, muscle and a fuck ton of happiness.” 

Despite the criticisms she claims to have received, VanZant only sees it as further growth for her online brand. 

“I see every single comment on my YouTube channel about how I look pregnant, obese, fat as fuck, and won’t be able to fit through a door soon. But one thing I have always remembered. Happy people ain’t haters and haters ain’t happy. 

“So all you haters out there keep on commenting, you’re only growing my platform.” 

Paige VanZant says ‘social media is a lie’

Paige VanZant ended her post with the line saying, ‘social media is a lie.’ And moving forward, she only promises to show her ‘real’ self, unfiltered from the images that social media tends to portray. 

“And I promise from this day forward to show the real me, forever. The fat me, the broken me, the skinny me, and the happiest fucking version of me I have ever been. Social media will never be real but I’ll try and be better. 

“Anyway, check out my YouTube channel. Because I’ll be damned if I don’t continue to profit off of THE BEST HATERS IN THE WORLD. Yours in thickness – PVZ

“Yes: all these were taken the exact same time and unedited. Social media is a lie.”

VanZant’s current career status

After leaving the UFC in 2020, VanZant signed a purported “multi-million dollar” deal with BKFC. However, she didn’t see much success in her bare-knuckle boxing career, losing both of her fights in 2021. 

Paige VanZant was slated for her third fight at BKFC 27 in London in October 2022, but was pulled off because of “logistical concerns.” In February, BKFC president David Feldman issued an ultimatum, with expectations that VanZant will likely choose to no longer compete in bare-knuckle. 

VanZant, who also competed in Dancing With the Stars in 2016, made her pro-wrestling debut under the AEW banner in 2021. That stint was also short-lived, with her last appearance happening in May 2022. 

With the UFC veteran seemingly having a very lucrative career selling memberships and content on OnlyFans, it’s hard to argue why she’d take damage for less money in the ring.

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