Report: MMA Fighter killed in violent shootout with police after altercation with officer

MMA fighter Mauro Chaulet was reportedly killed in an altercation with police in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

By: Lucas Rezende | 4 months ago
Report: MMA Fighter killed in violent shootout with police after altercation with officer
Mauro Chalet at LFA 83.

34-year-old professional MMA fighter Mauro Chalet reportedly lost his life as a result of an altercation with police officers in the city of Porto Alegre. The unfortunate event is said to have ended with the fighter, a female acquaintance, and an officer having suffered gunshot wounds, though only Chaulet perished.

According to the report by local news website Radio Guaiba, an argument with the officer started in a bar and escalated from there. Chaulet was said to have taken the officer’s gun during the altercation—although reports vary on that account—and shot the man in the leg, but not before Chaulet himself and the woman he was with were wounded. Chaulet was reportedly shot in the back while the woman was shot twice in the stomach.

Following the initial incident, Chaulet tried to drive away from the scene, but was chased by police resulting in more gunfire exchanged. Once again, stories as to the nature of who shot what and when vary, but the chase is said to have ended when Chaulet crashed into another vehicle. The fighter was apparently overcome by his injuries and died soon after.

Despite the two gunshot wounds to the stomach, the woman involved is reported to have undergone surgery and is now in stable condition. The officer who suffered a gunshot wound also had to undergo surgery, but is expected to recover.

Different versions of the story

A witness present at the bar where the altercation began narrated a somewhat different version of events. According to this anonymous testimony, the incident all started when an argument between Chaulet’s companion and a woman out socially with the officer erupted. Both Chaulet and the officer ended up getting involved as the argument escalated. According to the same witness, the officer accidentally shot himself in the leg while the MMA fighter was trying to disarm him.

According to the policemen who gave chase to Chaulet’s car, it was the fighter who first opened fire at them, with the disarmed officer’s weapon. However, the woman who was with Chaulet gave a statement claiming that Chaulet was not armed at the time, and did not take the gun with him to the vehicle. The woman claims that officers opened fire as soon as they approached their vehicle after it had crashed.

The police report shared by Radio Guaiba also contained information on the MMA fighter’s long history of legal run-ins, even before the murky circumstances of his death. Alongside his MMA career, Chaulet’s past contained charges of assault, usage of false documents, and criminal conspiracy.

The report also claims that the woman with Chaulet had a history of legal trouble as well. Alongside assault charges and false document charges, she had also been arrested for “Receptacao” (the receiving of stolen property). Whether or not any of that information is germane to the circumstances that resulted in Chaulet’s death remains unclear.

In his professional MMA career, Mauro Chaulet amassed a 13-9 record on the international and Brazilian regional circuits. That run included outings under well-known promotions such as Legacy Fighting Alliance and Jungle Fight.

The featherweight’s career ended on a three-fight losing skid, with losses to Manoel Sousa, Andre Harrison and current UFC 135er Damon Jackson. Chaulet’s last victory came at LFA 75, in September 2019, when he edged out Samson Phommabout by way of split decision.

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