He is bare-knuckle – Mike Perry expected to re-sign with BKFC

BKFC president David Feldman expects Mike Perry to re-sign.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 3 weeks ago
He is bare-knuckle – Mike Perry expected to re-sign with BKFC

UFC veteran turned bare-knuckle boxer Mike Perry notched what could arguably be the biggest win of his fighting career at BKFC 41. “Platinum” stopped Luke Rockhold in round two of their headliner, while also leaving the former middleweight champion with mangled teeth after it was all over. 

During the post-event presser, the 31-year-old announced that the Rockhold fight was the last in his contract. But BKFC president David Feldman expects Mike Perry to be back in the bare-knuckle boxing ring. 

Feldman expects Mike Perry to re-sign

In a recent conversation with veteran journalist John Morgan, Feldman spoke about Mike Perry’s situation. 

“I actually just had a back-and-forth, pretty decent call with his management team right now. They were looking out for the best for Mike Perry, as I am, too. But I’m also looking out for what’s best for our company,” he said.  

“I think we’re at a point where we’re pretty much in agreement. I know there are some other offers on the table for him. But he’s bare-knuckle. Can he fight MMA? Sure, he can. Is he the best MMA fighter in the world? No, he’s not.

“Is he the best bare-knuckle fighter in the world? It’s arguable that he could be.” 

During the presser, Perry did profess his newfound love for bare-knuckle boxing and BKFC. Feldman, for his part, does expect a re-signing. 

“He found out how to fight (in) this sport, he knows what it takes, he knows how to train for this sport, and he’s synonymous with bare-knuckle right now.

“I think he comes back to BKFC. I don’t see it going any other way, but if it does, he was great. He helped the organization and he’s a great fighter, great guy. And I really like him. But I do think he’s gonna end his career here with BKFC.” 

What Mike Perry wants next

After the Rockhold fight, Perry had to enjoy another moment of glory when he faced off with superstar Conor McGregor. “The Notorious” said he was open for a potential showdown, and that’s something Perry likewise fancies. 

“Conor, ‘The Notorious’ Conor McGregor vs. ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry is the only fight to make,” he told TMZ. “It is the number one fight in the world. All the fans want it. 

“We’ll throw hands, Southpaw vs. Orthodox. Big power punchers. I’m the better boxer, and that’s no disrespect on you, mate.”

Early odds have Perry as the +130 betting underdog for the hypothetical matchup, with McGregor being the -150 favorite. 

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