This AI-generated beer commercial gets more terrifying by the second

AI is going to take over the world. It's just a matter of time. And it's going to be equal parts cringe and horror.

By: Tim Bissell | 5 months ago
This AI-generated beer commercial gets more terrifying by the second
Still from an AI generated beer commercial.

AI is here to make the world a lesser place. The practise of using computer algorithms to produce work usually reserved for humans has billionaires and wannabe billionaires wetting themselves with excitement. Just think, all the work with none of the pesky things that often sideline human productivity; like wages and the ability to feel pain.

Right now, though, artificial intelligence is still a work in progress. And it’s pretty shitty. On close examination AI art falls apart and ChatGPT is nonsense. However, each failure diffuses another sigil on the astral tomb that is holding this creature back.

One of this tech’s latest trial and error experiments is a beer commercial that is absolutely terrifying. Watch below to see what happens when someone asks one of the many platforms out there to create a typical American ad for beer.

AI turns beer commercial into cosmic horror

What are people saying about this?

Most reactions to this vid (and others like it) are a mix of horror and hilarity. Here’s one salient reaction on what this all means, though, via redditor QuantumCat 2019.

The AI *understand* nothing for our meaningful definition of the word.

What the AI do is have a high correlation between certain event which were reported during the training phase as being positive/negative or neutral, which lead it to use predominately such correlated events above others when requested a certain action.

What we call AI, should be probably better called Artificial Collator-Correlator than AI. There is strictly speaking no intelligence in what chatGPT does.

To give you a very crude example, imagine you have a program and you want to teach it to interpolate curve. So the programs can try everything , then afterward it calculate the chi square between your curve and what it calculated and the lowest is determined to be better.

Then you feed tons of curve , and the programs tries everything which was mathematically fed to it. It tires a constant, it tries a complex equation, it tries a polynome etc… Then every time it finds the lowest coefficient (best) then it gives more weight to that, and lower the weight of the rest. In the very end it WILL come to some sort of polynomial fitting. But does it *understand* it ? Nope it just that with trial and error over all the math it cans it found polynomial fitting is the lowest coefficient. It has no “concept” no “idea” no “understanding”.

What people are playing are gigantic correlation/curve fitting complex programs.

Will we see this in MMA?

This technology was recently used to replicate a Joe Rogan Experience podcast episode. That lead some to wondering if the UFC, ever wanting to cut costs, might deploy an algorithm to call fights one day. At least that would mean fans could hear Rogan on every fight card.

Recently, I tried seeing if the tech could write MMA articles. It can’t, so my job is safe (for now).

On a more serious note AI could be coming to the world of MMA in a more subtle form. A 2022 paper examined the application of artificial intelligence in teaching martial arts. To read more on that check out Dr. Christopher Baker’s feature ‘Artificial intelligence is coming for martial arts’.

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