ONE FC results: Demetrious Johnson wins 3rd bout with Adriano Moraes

Check out the ONE FC results from Demetrious Johnson vs. Adriano Moraes.

By: Eddie Mercado | 1 month ago
ONE FC results: Demetrious Johnson wins 3rd bout with Adriano Moraes
Demetrious Johnson and Adriano Moraes before ONE Fight Night 10. IMAGO/ZUMA Wire.

ONE Fight Night 10 just concluded with the promotion’s flyweight champion, Demetrious Johnson, taking a unanimous decision over the former champ, Adriano Moraes. The fight was highly competitive at first, but by the end of the third round, Might Mouse had found a way to takeover the fight in the clinch. The body work on the inside from Johnson was downright impressive, and although we didn’t get many wow moments, the flyweight G.O.A.T. rose to the top once again. Oh, Demetrious Johnson DID NOT retire tonight!

Check out our description of Demetrious Johnson vs. Adriano Moraes

Johnson came out leading the dance, taking the center and forcing Moraes to play the outside. Moraes was launching empty volume from range, focusing on front kicks to maintain space. Johnson found a way to clinch up, but Moraes reversed him up against the cage until he referee broke them apart. This was a pretty sticky round.

The kicks were the primary weapon for Johnson entering the second round. He was switching stances, connecting with leg kicks from both sides. Moraes responded with a couple of flush solo punches that snapped back the head of DJ. The fighters clinched up with Adriano pressing Johnson against the fence, but Mighty Mouse circled out and hit a short-lived takedown.

The third act started with DJ coming forward again. He was scoring with light volume, and then Moraes spent some more time holding Johnson against the wall. Back in open space, DJ started to go off in the clinch with non-stop knees to the body. He had Moraes unsuccessfully shooting takedowns. Then, DJ had a turn working over Adriano on the cage. This was the most dominant round of this fight thus far.

The body work from Johnson continued into the championship rounds. He used a liver kick to enter into the clinch, and then proceeded to score with knee after knee to the midsection. The offense of Moraes had evaporated at this point. He was trying to work a takedown from the clinch, but when he failed, DJ went back to chipping away. A flying knee connected for Johnson, followed by a slick elbow to the face. Mighty Mouse was pulling away.

The final round saw the fighters clinch up yet again. Moraes continued to hang on DJ in an attempt to get the fight down, but Johnson wasn’t having any of it. The knees to the body from DJ remained constant. He was painting a masterpiece on the inside, and against a larger man.

ONE FC Demetrious Johnson vs. Adriano Moraes highlights

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