F2W 227: Live results, highlights

F2W 227 is live tonight featuring the world's best in BJJ and submission grappling.

By: Kevin Bradley | 10 months
F2W 227: Live results, highlights
Credit: F2W/FITE

Phoenix, Arizona is set to host some of the best grapplers from down the way and beyond at tonight’s F2W event. Headlined by ADCC Vet Josh Cisneros and BJJ Stars phenom Sam Nagai, a host of gi and nogi bouts give a variety of names a chance to shine. Follow along as we give live results and match highlights for the event.

Catch the full 49-match event on FiteTV at 8pm EST, with the main black belt card kicking off closer to 10 pm EST.

F2W results

Main Card

  • Taylor Wingstrom def. Gaby Caban (Decision)
  • Micah Sala def. Mateo Salong (Guillotine)
  • Michael Fox def. Asinobi Iwuajoku (Decision)
  • Josh Beaman def. Juan Barraza (Decision)
  • Daniel Bui vs Xavier Armijo (Decision)
  • MacKenzie King def. Taylor Martin (Triangle Armbar)
  • Yazalde Barbosa def. Dylan Knostman (Toe Hold)
  • Kade Moffitt def. Cody Castro (Armbar)
  • Ava Winningham vs Makayla Smith (Decision)
  • Parker Kennedy def. Alex Velez-York (Decision)
  • Michael Salgado def. Jonathan Uffelman (Decision)
  • Billy Weaver def. Sam Van Dong (Decision)
  • Roman Mori def. James Nelson (Heelhook)
  • Dwight Killpack def. Luis Reyes (Toe Hold)
  • JJ Bowers def. Yungho Lee (Decision)
  • Mendoza vs Abriauna Johnson def. Lucciana Marquez (Triangle)
  • Adrian Lopez def. Colin Gauntlett (Armbar)
  • Micah Kingery def. Emma Mae Stewart (Armbar)
  • Andy Jay def. Alonso Flores (RNC)
  • Vincent Arollo def. Kinten Johnson (Decision)
  • Alec Sachs def. Adrian Galindo (Decision)
  • Teague Barry def. Doug Hoopes (Triangle)
  • Gabriel Palacio def. Brian Doss (Decision)
  • Tyler Metcalf def. Dallas Robinson (Decision)
  • Brad Jacobson def. Josh Perry (Decision)
  • Jon Tran def. James Lampe (Knee Bar)
  • Cali Marie Bauman def. Keira Johnson (Armbar)
  • Taylor Spielberg def. Leticia Pacheco (Choke)
  • Jack Keene def. Connor Carapetian (Armbar)
  • William Frain def. Corriell Brotherwood (Decision)
  • Javier Blair def. Jarrell Madrid (Decision)
  • Jon Ohler def. Carlos Morales (Decision)
  • Kayla Reagan def. Sierra Hoover (Decision)
  • Moses Salazar def. Brady Weinrich (Heelhook)
  • Kenny Kempton def. Colin Opper (Knee Bar)
  • Edson Altamirano def. Jacob Reed (RNC)
  • Gabriel Fuentes def. Billy Weaver (Decision)
  • Albe Tremblay def. Ken Tran (Heelhook)
  • Marcos Esquivel def. Dontae Scott Sr (Decision)
  • KT Clatterbuck def. Keith Trujillo (Triangle)
  • Jose Munoz def. Damien Nitkin (Decision)
  • Raphael Rachid def. Matt Blank (Bow & Arrow Choke)
  • Oscar De Los Sanots def. Josh Rodriguez (RNC)
  • Gerson Atoigue def. Joao Camilo
  • London Horn def. Gabriel De Oliveira (Decision)
  • Clay Wimer def. Victor Emanuel (Decision)
  • Sean Donnie def. Jessie Jack Teague (Twister)

Main Event

  • Sam Nagai def. Josh Cisneros (Decision)

F2W 227 highlights

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