Is BKFC a threat to the UFC?

What's up with Chael Sonnen wanting to cancel a fight? And is the UFC shaking in their boots over BKFC?

By: Alexei Auld | 5 months ago
Is BKFC a threat to the UFC?

If I Did It RETURNS with’s Kid ‘Paywall’ Nate and Eugene S. Robinson discussing the whether BKFC a threat to the UFC. Plus, what’s all this about Chael Sonnen wanting to cancel the UFC 290 middleweight title eliminator? Watch it here!

As always, you can’t hear Kid Nate talk about MMA unless you pay. He is really tired of MMA and only talks about it for money.

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Nobody knows how or why Alexei Auld, a lawyer and bestselling author with zero experience in combat sports or journalism, ended up contributing to Bloody Elbow as the creator and chief kerfuffle wrangler of IF I DID IT. But he did. And somehow convinced Nate Wilcox, Eugene S. Robinson, and John Nash that it was a good idea. So much so, they joined him when he created IF THE SHOES FIT which doesn’t even handle MMA. Again, we don’t know why. But like Nate, Eugene, and John, we just can’t quit him or his shows. So here we are.

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