UFC heavyweight believes Jon Jones will beat Miocic: ‘No question’

UFC heavyweight Jailton Almeida has big goals for this year.

By: Lucas Rezende | 4 weeks ago
UFC heavyweight believes Jon Jones will beat Miocic: ‘No question’
January 21, 2023, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil: RIO DE JANEIRO, RJ - JANUARY 21: Shamil Abdurakhimov red gloves battles Jailton Almeida blue gloves in their Heavyweight fight during the UFC 283 event at Jeunesse Arena on January 21, 2023 in Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil - ZUMAp175 20230121_zsa_p175_156 Copyright: xLeandroxBernardesx

Rising UFC heavyweight Jailton Almeida has the biggest match of his life coming up on May 13 as he gets ready to take on former title challenger Jairzinho Rosentstruik. Nevertheless, this has not stopped the Brazilian from looking ahead into the future or analyzing his division’s current title picture.

Almeida believes Jon Jones beats Stipe Miocic

Almeida discussed former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones finally making his heavyweight debut and winning the vacant title against Cyril Gane. With the win, ‘Bones’ is now looking at a potential title fight against another former champ in Stipe Miocic in the fall. Though the match is not yet confirmed, the Brazilian believes Jones would have no trouble beating yet another heavyweight with ease.

“There is no question Jon Jones is going to win this fight and beat Stipe Miocic,” Almeida told betting website Stake. “Obviously Jon Jones moving up to heavyweight, we haven’t seen a lot of him because his fight with Ciryl Gane didn’t last particularly long.

“Although we have a lot of questions about Jones at heavyweight, I still think he will win that fight.” Almeida said. “Miocic just has not fought regularly enough, he is trying to get back to a level we haven’t seen for two years. Therefore, I make Jon Jones the favourite for this fight.”

Almeida hunting for KO win

Paired up against Rozenstruik for a match puts Almeida in his division’s top 10 with a win, the UFC heavyweight knows he has a difficult task ahead. While ‘Bigi Boy’ is known for his dangerous kickboxing and Malhadinho for his submission skills, the Brazilian is aware that he needs to be cautious all the time against an opponent who could finish the fight at any time.

Nonetheless, Jailton claims to be ready to go five rounds against Rozenstruik if necessary, factoring in his physical form and mentality as key parts of his game. However, the Brazilian still hopes the fight does not need to for any longer than necessary and believes a finish in the second or first round an ideal result.

“Obviously striking is what Jairzinho is famous for, but he has a really good takedown defense,” Almeida said. “That is one of the things that I think will be a key for me to win. It will definitely not be an easy fight, it will be a challenge for me and I will have to be at my best if I am to win.”

“Being in the UFC, all the fights are tough so I expect a big challenge from Jairzinho. When you speak about mentality and physicality, I am extremely prepared. I’ve been training a lot with my team and we are all ready.”

“He’s a big threat and a great opponent.” Jailton added. “I expect and I am ready to go five rounds with him, but I am going to feel the fight and see where it is going. If I can get a first or second round knockout, then I am going to go for it. I just want to give a great show for the fans; I want them to remember my performances. So, if possible, I want a first or second round knockout, but I’m ready to go deeper.”

Almeida eyes top 5 spot

Though Almeida knows he has a big challenge coming in the Rozenstruik fight, it has not stopped him from thinking about his future moves. In fact, the heavyweight has a goal of finishing 2023 in his division’s top 5.

“To get into the top 10 of the UFC heavyweight division would mean so much to me. It would be a reflection of the hard work, the sacrifices and everything I am doing in the gym to make this possible.

“My goal is to remain in the top 10 and move closer and closer to the title, but I want to be in the top five by the end of the year. This would mean I would be so close to getting a title shot and achieving my dream of being a world champion.”

In order to make it to the top 5 in the UFC heavyweight division, Almeida knows he needs to beat someone higher up in the rankings than Rozenstruik, which is why Jailton has two names in mind to call out following an assumed win against Jairzinho. Ideally, Malhadinho would like to take on either former interim champion Cyril Gane or knockout artist Tai Tuivasa.

“After beating Jairzinho Rozenstruik, I would like to fight Tai Tuivasa or Ciryl Gane. I think that these two names could put me really close to a title shot, or at least get me within one fight of a title shot.

“I want to face someone not coming off a loss because I feel most of my previous opponents are in that situation. So if I was to fight a contender who was winning fights regularly, that would put me in contention for a title shot.”

Now, Almeida is expected to take on Jairzinho Rozenstruik at UFC on ABC 4’s main event, on May 13.

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