BKFC 41: Perry vs. Rockhold – Rapidfire recap and results

Get snappy analysis on all the fights out of BKFC 41.

By: Dayne Fox | 5 months ago
BKFC 41: Perry vs. Rockhold – Rapidfire recap and results
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It’s a go-go-go world and not everyone has the time to go deep on all the MMA action. Thus, we’ve condensed what happened with all the BKFC action this weekend. Yes, ALL the action. Well, every fight that I could actually view. Every viewable BKFC fight, but nothing more than just a few sentences. Dig in and enjoy! 

Main Card 

It wasn’t a fight, but the most notable happening of the evening was Mike Perry’s face off with Conor McGregor, who was in the building as a spectator. There’s no doubt this was a development that was none to pleasing to the UFC. Perhaps it will serve as a wake up call for the world’s premier MMA organization that they’ve been getting complacent with their place in the sports world.

Perry didn’t show Luke Rockhold any respect. He should have as Rockhold made good use of his length. Despite that, it was the dog in Perry that gave him the win as he didn’t stop moving forward and swinging while Rockhold had enough after having his teeth cracked. No one should question Rockhold’s heart for quitting when he did; his teeth were a mess.

Eddie Alvarez and Chad Mendes delivered one of the best fights in BKFC history. There was some brawling, but there was a lot of skilled boxing too. Alvarez threw more punches in bunches while Mendes was a bit more selective of his openings. Alvarez may have scored the official decision win, but neither man could be labeled a loser after that razor thin competition. 

The three best words to describe Bec Rawlings and Christine Ferea are mean, mean, and mean. Ferea’s ability to consistently land the jab was the difference, opening up a cut above the eye of Rawlings that led to the stoppage. Given the disappointing stoppage, expect to see this one run back. 

Ben Rothwell and Josh Copeland delivered everything a fan of violence could ever want. They stood in the pocket for three rounds and killed all sorts of brain cells in the process. Both are perfectly suited for BKFC at this stage. Like Ferea and Rawlings, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rematch down the road given how fun that was. 

Chris Camozzi has taken to BKFC like a moth to a flame for whatever reason. He ran through Dan Spohn much in the way he did Bubba McDaniel with nonstop punches. Camozzi is setting himself up to be a big dog in BKFC circles. 

Brandon Girtz caught Christian Torres running in and that was it. Girtz didn’t let up, jumping right back on him after dropping him the first time. Short fight, but no shortage of action. 

James Brown must have taken lessons from his namesake as he was dancing around the ring. Fortunately, it wasn’t just dancing as he used his length to bust open former boxing champion Mike Alvarado. The damage proved too much as the referee stopped the fight, depriving us all of Brown’s fancy footwork. 

There was a lot of swinging at air between Khortni Kamyron and Gabrielle Roman. Well, at least until the final round-and-a-half, each scoring a knockdown in the final round. I’d say it was the worst fight on the card… which says more about the card than it does this fight. 


Jay Jackson took himself out of the fight when he bum rushed Marcus Edwards and was immediately floored. His confidence was already shaken and he ended up losing every wild exchange before suffering his third knock down at the end of the round. Sloppy, but fun. 

You want to see someone go stiff while still standing? Watch Tyler Winemiller blitz Matthew Maestas in seven seconds. Maestas did eventually fall, but DAMN! 

I wouldn’t say there was a lot of skill between Mitch Seybold and Jack Willoughby, but it sure was fun. Willoughby dropped Seybold, only to then be dropped three consecutive times himself for the stoppage. All in the span of 83 seconds. 

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