Video: Conor McGregor steps in ring with BKFC belt, teases bare-knuckle boxing crossover at BKFC 41

Conor McGregor in bare-knuckle boxing?

By: Milan Ordoñez | 1 month ago
Video: Conor McGregor steps in ring with BKFC belt, teases bare-knuckle boxing crossover at BKFC 41
Conor McGregor is already declaring himself a BKFC champion.

Prizefighting superstar Conor McGregor was in attendance during Saturday’s BKFC 41 event in Colorado, headlined by UFC veterans Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold. And per usual with “The Notorious,” he made sure fans who saw the event live and on TV would feel his presence. 

Conor McGregor faces off with Mike Perry

Conor McGregor got a little extra air time when he was called out for a face-off by Perry, who forced Rockhold, who was left with broken teeth after quitting in round two

It was more of a fanboy callout than anything, which McGregor agreed to. It was a cordial interaction between the two men, despite them being in each other’s faces. Here’s the short dialogue that transpired: 

Perry: Cowboy took my arm here in Denver…

McGregor: What’d I do to him? What’d I do to him? 

Perry: I know, you took him out, quick. You taught me a good lesson. 

McGregor: Fair play to you, I respect you. I’m in this game. I’d fight you. I’d fight you no problem. 

Perry: I know you love it. 


Perry’s BKFC 41 win marked the biggest of his career, as he improved to a bare-knuckle boxing record of 3-0. 

Conor McGregor in bare-knuckle boxing?

McGregor, who’s always been the showman and opportunity-chaser even with his current status and net worth, made the most of his mic time. With a BKFC belt draped over his left shoulder, he first gave props to the organization for how the event was handled. Then he shot his shot. 

“It’s an incredible set-up here. Incredible matchmaking. Incredible story-telling. I HAD to come here. I flew straight away, I was not gonna miss this. And it did not disappoint,” he said. 

“All the fighters that step in here are warriors. All have my respect. And I’m into this game. I’ve already the belt. How am I showing up here and I’ve already got the belt?! Come get it, baby!” 

McGregor’s fighting future

McGregor, who turns 35 in July, has yet to finalize his next career move. He is slated to face Michael Chandler sometime in 2023 after the two recently wrapped filming for TUF 31, where they served as opposing coaches. 

As of the moment, USADA is seen as the biggest hurdle for McGregor’s UFC return. Wisecracks aside, he has yet to re-enter the testing pool, a requirement for fighters like himself who took a lengthy hiatus. 

McGregor (22-6) hasn’t seen action since UFC 264 in 2021, when he broke his leg and lost via first-round TKO in his third fight with Dustin Poirier. 

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