UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions: Song to tune up Simon?

Check out who the readers of Bloody Elbow think will win tonight at UFC Vegas 72.

By: Tim Bissell | 7 months ago
UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions: Song to tune up Simon?
Song Yadong after his win at UFC Shanghai. IMAGO / Imaginechina

We are back with another instalment of our Bloody Elbow readers picks and predictions, where our community gets a chance to tell us all who they think will win on tonight’s UFC fight card. This time around we’ve got UFC Vegas 72: Song vs. Simon and the community thinks it will be Song Yadong who comes out victorious over Ricky Simon (so they are going against what we think will happen in our staff picks).

In the co-main the community heavily favours Caio Borralho to stay undefeated in the UFC and beat Michal Oleksiejcuk. Read on for the rest of the community picks, as well as some insider picks from two members of our community.

GirlCasual is back to hit us with her picks, she was invited to do so by having one of the best picks records at last week’s event (6-4). She’s joined by NickyBonz, who also went 6-4 last week.

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UFC Vegas 72 reader picks

Song Yadong (61.5%) vs. Ricky Simon (38.5%)

Screenshot 2023 04 29 at 10 00 42 UFC Vegas 72 community picks

Community pick: Song Yadong

GirlCasual’s pick: Ricky Simon. Wouldn’t be surprised if it comes down to a decision and damage, but Simon’s relentless offense and sheer athleticism mean that a TKO is also a possibility. Song is a fantastic, raw talent, but at 25 I think he still has a bit of development left to do. That said, this is the fight game, and with pick-em odds, he could pull it off.

NickyBonz’s pick: Simon wins, 35/45 for 78% media picks for Simon, he wins a close fight, surviving a couple, scares and controlling with multiple take downs and damage from top control for a likely decision win.

Caio Borralho (92.3%) vs. Michal Oleksiejczuk (7.7%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Caio Borralho

GirlCasual’s pick: Borrralho. This feels kind of like a set-up match to amp up the momentum for Mr. Wow That’s a Neck Tattoo. Oleksiejcuk has holes in his game and I think Caio will exploit them.

NickyBonz’s pick: Borralho wins, 36/40 for 90% media picks for Borralho, somewhat competitive early but clear win via takedowns, control and high chance of submission.

Cody Brundage (23.1%) vs. Rodolfo Vieira (76.9%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Rodolfo Vieira

GirlCasual’s pick: Vieira. I’m a sucker for a submission specialist.

NickyBonz’s pick: Vieira wins, 34/39 for 87% media picks for Vieira, he wins a close fight by clinching and out-grappling and submitting Brundage as long as he doesn’t gas and lose late.

Julian Erosa (76.9%) vs. Fernando Padilla (23.1%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Julian Erosa

GirlCasual’s pick: Erosa, only because of Padilla’s layoff. Also because how can you root against a guy with such a suave nickname?

NickyBonz’s pick: Padilla wins, 23/38 for 61% media picks for Erosa, but these fighters are relatively evenly matched striking and Padilla has some hype behind him, I think he finds Erosa’s chin for the mild upset in an exciting fight.

Waldo Cortes-Acosta (30.8%) vs. Marcos Rogerio de Lima (69.2%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Marcos Rogerio de Lima

GirlCasual’s pick: De Lima. He’s just more skilled. I’d pick de Lima by TKO ’cause of his striking.

NickyBonz’s pick: Cortes-Acosta wins, 18/34 for 53% media picks for Cortes-Acosta, he wins a close fight by keeping it standing, avoiding de Lima’s power, and outboxing him to a decision or late TKO win.

Josh Quinlan (76.9%) vs. Trey Waters (15.4%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Josh Quinlan

GirlCasual’s pick: Quinlan, only ’cause he was the one planning on fighting three weeks ago.

NickyBonz’s pick: Quinlan wins, 29/33 for 88% media picks for Quinlan, he wins, most likely by KO, a competitive fight early, eventually outclassing the newcomer Waters, who actually has a bright future but short notice and weight cut will hurt him here.

Martin Buday (61.5%) vs. Jake Collier (38.5%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Martin Buday

GirlCasual’s pick: Buday. Collier is just too chaotic, and not in the good way. That said, I would not pick this fight if you hadn’t forced me to.

NickyBonz’s pick: Buday wins, 18/24 for 75% media picks for Buday, he wins a competitive fight as the naturally bigger fighter, using his size and clinch to slow down and wear down Collier for a clear win.

Cody Durden (30.8%) vs. Charles Johnson (69.2%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Charles Johnson

GirlCasual’s pick: Cody Durden. Again, I wouldn’t make a pick for this fight, but my beloved BE is making me. The only reason I’m picking Durden is because he’s the younger fighter…by roughly two months. Johnson is good, but inconsistent. You’re forcing my hand, guys! Durden by TKO.

NickyBonz’s pick: Johnson wins, 14/24 for 58% media picks for Johnson, he wins a close fight by stuffing take downs or popping right back up to out-strike Durden over the course of three rounds.

Stephanie Egger (84.6%) vs. Irina Alekseeva (15.4%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Stephanie Egger

GirlCasual’s pick: Egger ’cause she’s fought since 2021, as opposed to Alekseeva.

NickyBonz’s pick: Egger wins, 17/19 for 89% media picks for Egger, she uses her judo and size to clinch and overwhelm the UFC debutante for a submission or clear decision win.

Journey Newson (100%) vs. Marcus McGhee (0%)*

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Journey Newson

GirlCasual’s pick (made before I switched Marcus McGhee in for Brian Kelleher – Newson’s original opponent): C’mon, don’t break my heart like this. Boom pulled out yesterday. I would have picked him, ’cause I’m originally from Long Island, and I don’t bet against my boys.

*Small sample size since this is a late replacement match-up.

Hailey Cowan (53.8%) vs. Jamey-Lyn Horth (46.2%)

UFC Vegas 72 reader picks and predictions

Community pick: Hailey Cowan

GirlCasual’s pick: Why are you making me pick this fight? I hate this. Cowan because you’re making me.

NickyBonz’s pick: Howarth wins, 12/17 for 71% media picks for Howarth, she wins a close fight by out-scrapping the more athletically gifted Cowan vis more damaging strikes as Cowan tries to control her against the fence.

Who will win a Performance of the Night award?

Community pick: Ricky Simon (38.5%), Song Yadong, Caio Borralho, Rodolfo Vieira and Julian Erosa (30.8%)

GirlCasual’s pick: Gosh, Ricky Simon and Caio Borralho seem like obvious picks.

NickyBonz’s pick: Quinlan for KO and Borralho for submission

What fight will win Fight of the Night?

Community pick: Song Yadong vs. Ricky Simon (61.5%)

GirlCasual’s pick: Simon vs Song because, over 25 minutes, they’re gonna be like two badgers sewn into a single pillowcase.

NickyBonz’s pick: Erosa vs Padilla

What fight are you most excited for?

Community pick: Song Yadong vs. Ricky Simon (76.9%)

GirlCasual’s pick: There is only one answer to this question, and it’s Simon vs Song. There is very little to this fight night other than that. I’d be interested to see if anybody not related to any of the fighters says otherwise. This card is weaker than Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

NickyBonz’s pick: Simon vs Yadong, two top-tier fighters in an interesting clash of styles fighting for title contention.

Leader board

We’ve had a change at the top of the leader board with Christophe leap-frogging Adam Law into first place thanks to a strong showing at UFC Vegas 71. As you can see there is only three correct picks separating first from fifth, so we could see some shuffling at the top after UFC Vegas 72.

Remember, whoever finishes in top position at the end of the year receives a special prize. There will also be prizes for runners up and for whoever has the most bonus points and best single event record.

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PositionCommunity MemberCorrectIncorrectTotal Picks%Picks BackWeek 6 RecordBonus Points
2Adam Law4232740.56814-62
5Luke G3836740.51450-04
Just Simon3836740.51450-03
7Sensei Scott3638740.48676-42
10Mark Strong3242740.432114-64
12Fishtown Simon3020500.600130-03
13Benjamin Thornton2935640.453140-01
14Khabib “The Seagull” Nurmagomedov2413370.649190-03
15Keyon Talieh2327500.460200-02
Kathy Hernandez2314370.622200-01
17Beato Puente2018380.526230-02
29Arran D105150.667330-01
Tito Orcheese105150.667330-01
Thomas Goncalves1015150.667330-01
don’t care96150.600340-0
Stone Nicholson93120.750340-0
37Nasal Waxing84120.667350-01
The Oatmeal Handtruck87150.533350-01
Eric Marentette85130.615350-0
Jason Steiger75120.583360-0
Darker Than Black66120.500370-01
Are Daneel69150.400370-01
Ayaan Khan69150.400370-01
Smot Poker59140.357380-01
Oatmeal Handtruck55100.500380-0
Matthew Doolan57120.417380-0
Pastor Rose58130.385380-0
Call Me Robert411150.267390-01
The Professor46100.400390-0
Dennis Donoghue49130.308390-0
Geo Thornton49130.308390-0
74Kevin P37100.300403-7
75Patrick Brosnan19100.100421-9

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