BKFC 41 is a better card than UFC Vegas 72

BKFC is here to save you from another watered-down UFC card.

By: Stephie Haynes | 7 months ago
BKFC 41 is a better card than UFC Vegas 72
Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold square off ahead of BKFC 41. IMAGO/Icon Sportswire

Is BKFC our new savior?

For the second week in a row, the UFC is putting on another watered down show. If you thought last weekend’s card was a dud, UFC Vegas 72 is even worse. Even before it was ravaged with fight cancelations and late notice replacements, it was only carrying a single ranked fight and that was the headliner. Even the headliner was a late notice move from last week’s event which featured it as the co-main event. BKFC might not be the savior we’re looking for in the long term, but it’s certainly come through to save the weekend, though.

How did BKFC end up in this fortuitous position?

It’s widely known that the UFC’s Fight Night cards are not their top priority, especially the shows at the APEX Center. We’ve pretty much conditioned ourselves to accept whatever slop the UFC puts on our plates, so when a card like BKFC 41 happens to coincide with one like Vegas 72, it becomes glaringly obvious that the brass at the world’s biggest promotion don’t really care about their fanbase. To put it simply, the planets aligned, and the UFC’s already weak line-up fell apart though a spate of injuries and mishaps.

Does BKFC have the best card of the weekend?

For those who like options, Rizin and Cage Warriors both have events this weekend, as well. Based on name value and buzz, BKFC might have the slight edge. If we’re going by fight quality or entertainment value, all three cards offer both, so selecting the best of the bunch is a little trickier. In terms of bang for the buck, I like BKFC’s event simply for the circus that is Mike Perry vs. Luke Rockhold. Every media clip is so cringe it ends up trending. It has my undivided attention because the UFC gave me another bowl of unflavored oatmeal.

What else is going on?

Nate Diaz

With Nate Diaz having a boxing match with Jake Paul booked and official, the combat sports community has to be expecting some form of hijinks, especially knowing that Diaz can find trouble on his own without even factoring in Paul’s propensity for silly antics and PR stunts. So, when Nate ended up choking out a Logan Paul doppleganger in a huge street brawl and then subsequently got arrested and released on bond, very few were surprised. I mean, it’s not the first time he’s been involved in a big scuffle. It wasn’t even the first time this week, as he also had a bottle-throwing incident, as well.

Israel Adesanya

This week has been a veritable powderkeg of news. Middleweight king Israel Adesanya put potential opponent Drius Du Plessis on notice when a video clip released this week showed him discussing Du Plessis where he had this to say:

“I never discredited him as an African. Okay, there you are. Cool. You want to make a fight? Cool. But the fact that as a f—king cracker, to tell me who the f—k I am, that pissed me off, and that’s why he’s my next fight. I don’t want to fight anyone else. This one pisses me off.”


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BKFC 41 is a better card than UFC Vegas 72
Art courtesy of June M. Williams & Anton Tabuena

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