Meghan Markle signs with Endeavor, potential UFC or WWE move unclear

Could Meghan Markle be headed to one of the world's premier sports-entertainment properties?

By: Zane Simon | 1 month ago
Meghan Markle signs with Endeavor, potential UFC or WWE move unclear
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. IMAGO / Cover-Images

One of the world’s most notable celebrities has decided to hitch their wagon to one of the world’s largest talent agencies and now premiere host of sports entertainment properties. The Hollywood Reporter announced that The ‘Duchess of Sussex’ (gonna have to work on that nickname) Meghan Markle has joined forces with WME and will be repped by a team including none other than head honcho Ari Emanuel himself.

Originally hailing out of Los Angeles, CA, Meghan Markle started her training at Northwestern University (for acting and international studies), before eventually making the move to England to join the royal family via marriage to Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex. In 2020, the couple famously withdrew from royal life, moving to Montecito, CA, where they currently reside.

What could the future hold for Meghan Markle?

With her training and experience as an actress, one would have to assume that an arena like pro-wrestling would be the easy fit. Maybe Meghan Markle can get herself a tag team partner like Roman Reigns? Or Kofi Kingston? Obviously she’d be excellent for a Royal Rumble or two.

Interestingly, however, the Hollywood Reporter’s article states, and I quote, “…acting will not be a focus for Markle at this point in her life.”

Could that mean that Markle is getting ready for the Octagon? If pro-wrestling is just a stuntman soap opera, then everyone knows that MMA is as real as it gets. No acting in a steel cage!

If that’s the case though, then the 41-year-old is going to have to get on a serious bulking routine. A quick Google search suggests that the Duchess is currently running around at just 113 pounds out of camp! Two pounds below the strawweight limit. Maybe if the UFC ever gets their act together and delivers that atomweight division we can see Markle take on the likes of Loma Lookboonmee or Tabatha Ricci. Until then, she’s gotta look for those gainz.

Too far?

Realistically, this is probably just a move to help her manage potential film & TV projects in a production role, as well as, apparently, “brand partnerships”… whatever the hell that means. It’ll also serve as another reminder, no doubt, that Endeavor is absolutely capable of rolling out the red carpet for high profile clients, while still letting the UFC and the WWE keep their ‘independent contractors’ firmly under their thumb.

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