BKFC 41: Five reasons to watch tonight

BKFC 41 heats up Colorado tonight with a set of known MMA commodities that hit extra hard and don't

By: Victor Rodriguez | 5 months ago
BKFC 41: Five reasons to watch tonight
Mike Perry and Luke Rockhold face off for BKFC 41. IMAGO / Icon Sportswire

BKFC 41 sets up shop in Broomfield, CO tonight with a card that is absolutely designed to attract MMA fans. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because in this case the matchups are intriguing and full of promise for action. There’s even a pair of all-time MMA greats making an appearance against each other, and they’ll be doing it in an unfamiliar form of competition.

It’s one thing to bring in MMA fighters that hit hard, it’s another to bring in fighters that are dynamic and known for pure grit and determination. Add to that the fact that there’s been some odd hijinks and legit funny interactions, and BKFC 41 definitely has some intrigue and appeal.

BKFC 41: Perry vs Rockhold takes place this Saturday night with prelims starting at 8:00pm on via YouTube, and the main card starting at 9:00pm on PPV. The pay-per-view portion streams exclusively available for purchase on FITE.tv.

Five reasons to watch tonight’s BKFC 41 card

1. Florida Man vs California Dreamboat

Mike Perry seems to be in a totally different space as of late. Far less personal problems and controversies, and racking up wins. With a recent win over Bellator standout Michael “Venom” Page, he’s got a ton of confidence and a comfortable experience advantage coming into this. Meanwhile, Luke Rockhold is a competent striker, but will be making his bare knuckle debut tonight at BKFC 41. How does someone handle that against a guy that hits really hard, especially when they’ve suffered a few knockout losses or taken massive damage?

Not sure, but Rockhold’s no slouch. He might be able to use his range and out-hustle Perry with smart distance usage. Then again, Perry’s even more aggressive in BKFC than he ever was in any MMA fights.

2. Money vs the Underground King

You know, it makes sense that a guy nicknamed the Underground King make his way to BKFC. It certainly has that underground vibe. After holding championships in Bellator and the UFC, Eddie Alvarez is coming for a different form of competition. Problem is he’s getting his welcome against Chad Mendes, who made his BKFC debut last year.

That fight ended pretty much the way you’d expect a Chad Mendes bare knuckle fight. And it was dope. Alvarez gets dropped in a lot of his fights but keeps coming back, and you have to wonder how many of those he can still eat. Mendes loves a firefight and might want to be careful with Alvarez being at his most dangerous when he looks like he’s done.

3. Big meaty men, slapping meat

Ben Rothwell isn’t done with combat sports competition, and he’s got a big boy to deal with as he meets former UFC vet Josh Copeland at BKFC 41. Copeland loves to take big swings and rush into shots, while Rothwell fires shots down the middle. And those shots hit hard. Copeland better not bet on his chin holding out, and he might be able to use more of his mobility to work circles around Rothwell and keep him guessing.

4. More UFC vets? Sure!

Former UFC fighter Chris Camozzi has some great hands, and we’ll be seeing him use them against former PFL talent Dan Spohn. Spohn’s probably got more power in his shots, but this is also taking place at 205lbs. That means Camozzi isn’t cutting down to 185 and might be more comfortable. I guess Spohn could shout out that Jacare Souza is in the audience to get a nice distraction, you never know.

5. Women’s title on the line

Christine Ferea defends her BKFC flyweight title against Bec Rodriguez (formerly Rawlings) at BKFC 41, and she’s got some scary power in her hands. Bec can take a beating, but that’s just as inadvisable to depend on as it would be in any fight. Probably more so here, seeing as Ferea is a punishing striker. There’s also the fact that Ferea has simply been in some wars, and come out on top in them regardless. Sure, BKFC 41 isn’t Bec’s first barbecue, either. She’s got experience, but this form of power and tenacity is going to be a lot. She’ll have to push herself to the limit against Ferea.

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