Nate Diaz turns himself in to police in New Orleans

Nate Diaz has turned himself in after an arrest warrant was released stemming from an incident on Bourbon Street last weekend.

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago
Nate Diaz turns himself in to police in New Orleans
Nate Diaz at a UFC presser. IMAGO / Icon Sportswire

Nate Diaz has turned himself into police in New Orleans a few days after an arrest warrant was issued in relation to an incident that occurred on Bourbon Street.

According to reports Diaz was officially booked by the New Orleans Police Department today at 7:40 a.m. CT.

Nate Diaz was seen choking a man unconscious during a street brawl

The arrest warrant for Nate Diaz stems from an incident that occurred after MF & DAZN: X Series 006, a cross-over boxing card, which happened in New Orleans last Friday.

The incident was captured on multiple cell phone cameras. That footage appeared to show Diaz leaving a bar and then backing himself up against a wall with his hands raised. A swarm of people are then seen approaching Diaz, including Rodney Peterson, whose claim to fame is being a Logan Paul impersonator.

Diaz and Peterson are seen getting into a scuffle which results in Peterson being choked unconscious.

Diaz has been charged with second-degree battery in relation to this incident. He could receive up to eight years in prison if found guilty.

Diaz’s attorney has claimed that his client acted in self-defence.

Footage from that incident also shows Chase DeMoor (who fought at X Series: 006) leaving the bar Diaz was at. The footage shows DeMoor seemingly trying to get to Diaz, but ultimately being restrained by security staff and police officers.

Diaz and DeMoor had a confrontation at Misfits Boxing

During X Series: 006 Diaz was caught on camera spiking a water bottle at DeMoor inside the arena. This lead to Diaz being escorted out of the show.

Diaz was there to support his friend and training partner Chris Avila, who took a unanimous decision win over Paul Bamba.

DeMoor was in the building because he had fought Steve Knight. He lost that fight by DQ after a sickening display where he struck his downed opponent multiple times in the head.

Diaz is due to fight Jake Paul

Since leaving the UFC, Diaz has plunged into the world of cross-over boxing. He is due to face that sub-genre of combat sports’ biggest star, Jake Paul, in a fight on August 5 in Dallas, TX.

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