‘Death threats’ – Oscar De La Hoya explains absence during Davis-Garcia post-fight presser

Oscar De La Hoya explains why he was a no-show during the Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia post-fight presser.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 1 month ago
‘Death threats’ – Oscar De La Hoya explains absence during Davis-Garcia post-fight presser
Oscar De La Hoya says he received death threats all throughout fight week | IMAGO | ZUMA

Oscar De La Hoya was a no-show during the post-fight press conference after the Gervonta Davis-Ryan Garcia headliner in Las Vegas on Saturday. The 24-year-old Garcia ended up losing via seventh-round knockout, his first defeat in his seven-year career. And De La Hoya’s absence apparently drew questions and criticisms from fans and observers. 

Oscar De La Hoya blames death threats for no-show

In an Instagram video he recently uploaded, De La Hoya revealed receiving death threats all throughout fight week. According to him, he received a tip from his head of security after the event, urging him to leave the venue immediately. 

“My security team told me, ‘Boss, we’ve got to get the f—k out of here, because I received death threats. You guys don’t know this, I received death threats throughout the whole week. And they just said it was simply too dangerous, that we got out of there,” he explained.  

Oscar De La Hoya believes the alleged threats came from Premiere Boxing Champions, a company connected with Floyd Mayweather that also promoted Davis. 

“And plus, Eric Gomez, who is my president, who was right there front and center with Ryan Garcia. So there was no issue, no problems. This is all coming from all these PBC minions that are just attacking Ryan, attacking Golden Boy. But it’s all good.” 

Fans in the comment section weren’t buying De La Hoya’s explanation. 

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De La Hoya got heated with Davis’ representative Leonard Ellerbe during the final pre-fight presser on fight week. “The Golden Boy” particularly went after Davis’ team for imposing a rehydration clause for Garcia. 

“When I look at ‘Tank’s’ team’s actions throughout the whole promotion, I am left to wonder: do they really think this guy is ready?” De La Hoya said at the podium. “Catchweights and rehydration clauses, late afternoon weigh-ins… all of these small petty requirements point to a team that looks to protect their fighter. And why would they protect their fighter unless they don’t think, ‘maybe he’s not ready for this moment?’

“I really believe Tank’s team is worried he’s going to lose. And when you’re a fighter, nothing feels worse than your team not believing in you.” 

Ellerbe didn’t hold back with his response. 

“We believe in Tank 1,000%. So when it comes to you, you have no room to talk about anything. We’ve been the A-side in the situation, and that’s how the A-side carries itself. 

“You’ve been asleep at the f—ng wheel for many, many years. That’s exactly why we took all your f—ng fighters, and Floyd beat them all while you’ve been asleep at the f—ng wheel.”

Oscar De La Hoya reveals ban on Bernard Hopkins

Multiple time two-division world champion Bernard Hopkins is another Golden Boy representative who wasn’t in the post-fight presser. And according to De La Hoya, “B-Hop” was banned after a supposed incident during the weigh-ins.

“First of all, Bernard Hopkins was accused during the weigh-in of having testosterone cream on his hands, and touching Gervonta Davis, when he only wanted to help him because he was going to fall off the stage. 

“So PBC, Gervonta’s promoter, banned him from everything. He couldn’t get inside the ring, he couldn’t do anything during the promotion.” 

Oscar De La Hoya guarantees support for Ryan Garcia

Despite the flak he got for no-showing the presser, De La Hoya guaranteed his support for Garcia. 

“Ryan Garcia made this happen, ‘Tank made this happen. We had a great fight. The best man won. My hats off to you. And again, ‘Tank’ Davis, great fighter. 

“Ryan Garcia, I have your back. Bernard has your back. We’re with you 1,000%. And you will be back, stronger than ever. Better than ever. Guaranteed.” 

Garcia admitted to feeling “a little weak” entering the fight, alluding that the rehydration clause may have affected his performance. Now with a record of 23-1, he plans to move up to 140 pounds for his next bouts. 

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