Mike Perry on Nate Diaz street brawl: ‘We’re fighters’

Mike Perry had some thoughts about Nate Diaz's street-fighting exploits.

By: Nate Wilcox | 5 months ago
Mike Perry on Nate Diaz street brawl: ‘We’re fighters’
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Nate Diaz faces charges after engaging in a street brawl last weekend in New Orleans, and by engaging in a street brawl I mean he choked some MF’er out with a standing front choke then dropped him like 200 pounds of I’m done with you sir. Diaz was in NOLA to watch his teammate Chris Avila box on the Misfits Boxing 6 card. Unfortunately, Diaz got the boot from the arena after instigating a scuffle with celebrity boxer Chase DeMoor that triggered a brawl.

Once loose on the streets of the Crescent City, Nate Diaz found himself at the center of yet another kerfuffle with a crew of dudes including Chase DeMoor. This time Diaz found himself face-to-face with Logan Paul lookalike Rodney Peterson who was approaching with raised hands. That was all Diaz needed to lock up with dude, knee him in the guts and finish him with a standing front choke.

Peterson, who’s been declared a “social media sensation” for his resemblance to Logan Paul (brother of Nate’s next opponent Jake Paul), got in front of somebody’s cell phone to talk some shit about how Diaz “caught me off guard” and how next time he’ll “knock him the f—k out when I know he’s coming.” Chase DeMoor, fresh off getting DQ’d in his own Misfits Boxing bout chimed in that Diaz was “soft.” Naturally the internet is eating this crap up.

When you’re Mike Perry you have to talk about Nate Diaz to get any coverage

Since this is the topic of the day, UFC veteran and BKFC fighter Mike Perry found himself asked about it on The Writer vs The Fighter podcast. No shrinking violet himself and looking to promote his upcoming bareknuckle boxing bout with ex-UFC champ Luke Rockhold at BKFC 41, Perry was not short of insights to share.

“Sometimes people see fighters in real life, they see fighters they watch on TV in real life, and I don’t know if they want to test themselves or they want to just be rude or just try to maybe be confident in front of some girl they’re with or something, and be like, ‘You know this fighter? Well, watch this.’

“And they try to be disrespectful or they think that we’re under watch and we can’t be normal or bad people, and we’re not going to bust your ass if you come over to us being all disrespectful,” Perry said. “I definitely don’t want those things to happen, but sometimes people do the wrong things.”

Perry said he wasn’t surprised to see Nate Diaz in the center of a maelstrom and proceeded to relate an anecdote about a TV show he saw.

“I always think about this video I saw with this guy, ‘I won this thing where I get to hang out with Nate Diaz and his crew and we go to the fights, we go to the club, we go to hang out, and it was exactly what you would think it would be,’” Perry said.

“‘In the club, we’re drinking and Nate’s pushing people out of the way and slapping people and he gets in a fight with this guy and he totally knocks this guy out and I’m just sitting here watching all this.’ He was like, ‘It was such an amazing experience and it was such a prize to win that, and it was everything you thought it would be.’”

Who’s to judge Nate Diaz, not Mike Perry

Perry doesn’t judge Nate Diaz for what happened saying, “We’re fighters. We sell fights and we get mad at anybody who thinks they can beef with us in a one-on-one matchup, so I understand them.” He also claimed he tries to “have that Diaz mindset” when he’s inside the ring himself.

“If a guy comes up to me — with this bare-knuckle boxing, especially against a bigger opponent, it’s like who is this big guy in the corner of the bar talking s*** thinks that nobody in here is going to bust his ass because he’s the bigger guy? And he thinks, ‘People are afraid of me and we’re drinking in the bar on Saturday night.’ I’m going to bust his ass.”

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