Michael Bisping names the ‘biggest cheat in history of combat sports’

Michael Bisping names who thinks is the 'biggest cheat' in all of combat sports, and the answer isn't a surprise.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 1 month ago
Michael Bisping names the ‘biggest cheat in history of combat sports’
Michael Bisping makes his list of the dirtiest fighters in UFC history | IMAGO

In a recent YouTube video, Michael Bisping made a list of his top five dirtiest fighters in UFC history. Mike Kyle, Rousimar Palhares and Kazuo Takahashi are among the names listed. However, the name that topped the list is one that you readers likely expect. 

Michael Bisping names the ‘biggest cheat’ in combat sports

The biggest cheater on Michael Bisping’s list is none other than Vitor Belfort. “The Phenom” did live up to his nickname during the early years of his career, but Bisping went on to sum up the Brazilian’s rap sheet: “steroids, hypocrisy, and more steroids.” 

“This guy is the biggest cheat in the history of combat sports,” Bisping said of Belfort. “And it all has to do with the steroids, right? Mainly. 

“We’re trying to knock our opponents unconscious. And if you’re knowingly taking steroids all the time, then I’ve got no respect for you, whatsoever. You’re not respecting the sport, you’re not respecting yourself, you’re not respecting your opponent. It’s dangerous, it’s disgusting, and I’ve just got no respect for it.” 

Bisping didn’t let up with his comments on Belfort. 

“Vitor Belfort was one of the worst. 25 years ago, he burst onto the scene. And it was obvious, then. He had the body of a bloody triceratops. He looked like he was on so much steroids, it was insane. But he continued to fight because in the early days, there was no testing for it. And he did very well, became the heavyweight champion of the world. 

“When Vitor did come off it, he went from looking like the Incredible Hulk squeezing his penis, to looking like a used teabag. He did, he looked so terrible. There’s a side-by-side picture. One side, he looks like the Incredible Hulk. The other side, he looks like an average guy, like a dad that works out once a week.” 

Michael Bisping’s history with Vitor Belfort

Michael Bisping’s comments are likely fueled by his own history with Belfort. The two men fought in 2013 in São Paulo with Belfort winning via head kick TKO in the second-round. Bisping, however, was left severely compromised with a damaged eye, and he had always blamed Belfort’s PED use for the life-changing injury he sustained. 

“I went down there to Brazil to fight the guy, I knew he was on steroids, but the fighter inside me, I still thought that I could beat him. And that’s the arrogance that we have. I (said), ’So what? F—k it. I don’t care. I think I can still beat this guy.’ 

“And of course, I paid the ultimate price, ‘cause I ended up losing an eyeball because of that fight, because of the head kick that he hit me with.” 

Where is Vitor Belfort now?

Belfort’s career began to skid when USADA went on board to oversee the UFC’s drug testing procedures in 2015. Since then, he suffered consecutive knockout losses, with his most recent one being against Lyoto Machida in 2018. 

“He served his suspension and he came back, but when he came back, he had a very, very different physique. He did not look like the old Vitor, the massive pecs, the big biceps, the two-inch wide veins on his body. They’d all disappeared. And Vitor ‘TRT’ Belfort disappeared like a fart in a hurricane,” Michael Bisping said. 

“When he came to the UFC looking like a normal person, looking like a f—ng weasel, he was knocked out in five of his last seven fights in the UFC. And that just proves he was cheating all along. He abused his body. But of course, now he’s still competing in other organizations and still taking steroids.” 

Belfort continued competing outside the UFC. In 2021, he engaged in an exhibition boxing match against heavyweight great Evander Holyfield, who was already 59 at the time. Belfort won the match via first-round knockout. 

Belfort fought early this month at Jorge Masvidal’s Gamebred Boxing 4 against fellow UFC vet Rondaldo “Jacare” Souza. He won by decision.

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