New angle on Nate Diaz street brawl with Logan Paul impersonator

Nate Diaz got into it with some influencers over the weekend, including Too Hot To Handle star Chase DeMoor.

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago
New angle on Nate Diaz street brawl with Logan Paul impersonator
Nate Diaz at a UFC presser. IMAGO / Icon Sportswire

Nate Diaz continues to embroil himself in the world of ‘cross-over boxing’. The former UFC fighter is due to face influencer-boxer extraordinaire Jake Paul on August 5. However, this weekend he saw a bit of action at a different show, MF & DAZN: X Series 006.

That show was put on by KSI and his Misfits Boxing outfit. The promotion hosts fights between internet celebrities, musicians and former pro athletes. On Friday their card was headlined by YouTuber JMX and ex NFL running back Le’Veon Bell (Bell won, by the way).

Also on the card was longtime Diaz friend and training partner Chris Avila. He beat middling boxer Paul Bamba on the undercard.

Diaz was kicked out of Misfits 006

Diaz wasn’t able to catch the entire show on Friday. He was escorted out by security after spiking a water bottle at Chase DeMoor, a former football player and reality TV star who also fought on the card.

That clash with DeMoor didn’t end in the arena, though. Over the weekend footage emerged showing Diaz and pals skirmishing with DeMoor and others on the streets of New Orleans. During that scuffle Diaz choked out Logan Paul impersonator Rodney Peterson. Peterson has since revealed that he suffered a nasty head injury as a result of the fracas.

New footage shows Nate Diaz and Chase DeMoor scuffling in NOLA

Separate footage from that incident is now doing the rounds. It shows Diaz choking Peterson unconscious. It also shows DeMoor being pushed back by police. Check it out for yourself below:

Chase DeMoor was DQ’d for a disgusting foul

Chase DeMoor’s bout at Misfits 006 ended abruptly after he was DQ’d for striking his downed opponent. The former football player had scored a knockdown on Stevie Knight, but followed it up with half a dozen punches to his opponent’s head while he was slumped back on the canvas.

DeMoor is clearly hoping to stick around on this scene and create content to elevate his brand (of being a moronic meathead, evidently). Scoring a fight with Diaz would do wonders for his follower count, we’re sure.

Prior to his fight at Misfits 006 it had been reported that DeMoor was lined up to face Tommy Fury later this year.

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