Video: Logan Paul look-alike choked out by Nate Diaz shows nasty head injury, wants revenge

The Logan Paul look-alike who was choked out by Nate Diaz wants revenge.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 5 months ago
Video: Logan Paul look-alike choked out by Nate Diaz shows nasty head injury, wants revenge
The man who was choked out by Nate Diaz in recent viral squabble speaks out | IMAGO | Icon Sportswire MMA

Former UFC superstar and all-time fan-favorite Nate Diaz got into a few extracurricular activities over the weekend. The Stockton native was in New Orleans to attend the Misfits Boxing event where he first got into a bottle-throwing incident with football player turned celebrity boxer Chase DeMoor in the arena. 

And as it is par for the course for a Diaz brother, Nate got into another brawl outside the venue. This time, he was seen on video choking out a man known for being a doppelganger of Logan Paul

Logan Paul look-alike in Nate Diaz scuffle speaks out

As of this posting, there isn’t much context behind the brawl, how it started, and how it later spilled over into the streets to become another viral video involving a Diaz. But the man who claimed to be Nate’s victim has spoken out. 

34-year-old Rodney Petersen is a social media sensation who rose to fame because of his stunning resemblance to Logan Paul. A video he released shortly after the incident showed him with a nasty injury at the back of the head likely caused by him dropping head first on the concrete after he supposedly went unconscious from he choke. 

He also sent a special message to Diaz. 

“I don’t know what the hell I did to Nate Diaz, but I’m telling you what: I’m gonna knock him the f—k out when I know he’s coming. You caught me off-guard, dude. 

“What, did you think I was Logan? What the f—k?!”

The Paul brothers respond to the Nate Diaz brawl video

The incident could easily be deemed as another PR stunt for the upcoming boxing match between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul. And of course, both the Paul brothers struck the iron while it was hot. 

After the video made the rounds online, both (the real) Logan and younger brother Jake released a “self-defense” video, mocking the incident. 

“Today we’re gonna be teaching what to do if you see a homeless Stockton man try to come at you in the middle of the streets,” Jake said. “Now, if you look anything like a Paul brother, keep your eyes peeled because the streets are hot.” 

Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz happens on August 5th in Dallas.

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