Body shot KO! Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia: Full results, highlights, play-by-play, analysis

Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia face off tonight in their highly-publicised grudge match. Join us for live coverage of the main event, and results throughout the night.

By: Lukasz Fenrych | 1 month ago
Body shot KO! Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia: Full results, highlights, play-by-play, analysis
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Gervonta Davis (28-0-0, 26KOs) is a long-time, three-weight world champion who nonetheless feels he has something to prove. Ryan Garcia (23-0-0, 19 KOs) is a social media star now keen to show the world he belongs on boxing’s biggest stages. So keen they are to prove themselves that they’ve put belts aside for this one, fighting at a 136lb catchweight with nothing but their egos and reputations (and, maybe, their purses) on the line.

Check out our in-depth preview of the fight here.

The fight is available on both DAZN PPV and Showtime PPV in the US. The main card starts at 8PM ET, with main event ringwalks expected at 11PM ET (but, as ever, stay tuned here for any notice of that changing).  Internationally, check your local DAZN schedules or look to Fite.TV for your options. You can find our full guide on how to watch the fight here.

Bloody Elbow will have results throughout the night, and live play-by-play of the main event.

Update: we’re live with the main card, with Elijah Garcia taking on Kevin Salgado. Scroll down for some tasty knockouts from the prelims earlier in the night.

A nice opener there, 19-year-old Elijah Garcia struggling with Salgado early, adjusting well in the middle rounds. Good learning win for him.

Melikuziev vs Rosado next, a rematch of a fight Rosado won a couple of years ago with a shock KO.

Melikuziev wins a dominant decision in a frankly uninspiring fight. Up next: rising star light-heavyweight David Morrell, against late replacement Yamaguchi Falcao.

One-sided first-round beating here, as Morrell flattens his overmatched opponent.

Main event next. Expected in 35 minutes, but I’ll keep you posted if they decide to move it out.

Gervonta Davis vs Ryan Garcia

Round 1: Here we go with one of the biggest fights of the year. The open stance matchup as the southpaw Davis squares off with the orthodox Garcia. Early on, Tank tries to draw Garcia in while Garcia follows, but cautiously. Mostly jabbing each other for now. Real feeling out round this, Garcia tries a double jab into a lead left hook, one of his signature shots. Does land, not in a sgnificant way. Not a lot’s happened, but Garcia was marginally busier. 10-9 Garcia.

Round 2: Big shot by Garcia early on has Tank holding. Ref resets them, but again! I’m not sure he’s super-hurt, but he doesn’t love this, and Garcia is cutting the ring off. Must be cautious against a counter-puncher off Davis’ quality, but Tank is diving in and holding, he’s not comfortable here at all. It’s a big size difference and currently it’s showing. The ref’s letting Garcia work inside when Tank holds. And down goes Garcia! Left overhand by Garcia! He wasn’t careful enough! He looks fine, more a flash KD than anything, and he catches Davis with that left and backs Tank up again. Superb round. 10-8 Davis, 19-18

Round 3: Replays show Tank had eyes on Ryan Garcia all the way as he set up that knockdown. Great shot. Anyway, Garcia needs to repeat the start of that round, but keep his head. Back at it pushingg forward to start, but not throwing initially. Jabbing his way in, Tank has that left cocked for the counter. Garcia definitely cautious now. Tank leaps at him with a left. Garcia currently trying to draw responses with the jab and following with the straight right, no serious joy yet. He is winning the round though, Tank’s just waiting for chances to throw. Starts to push in towards Garcia in the final minute though. Tank’s done well to avoid the left hook. Close round, but 10-9 Garcia, 28-28

Round 4: Ryan Garcia’s been missing with the left hook upstairs a lot, so he opens round 5 by throwing it to the body instead. Right idea. And again. He needs to straighten Tank up before he goes to the head, so that’s a good adjustment. Garcia on the front foot again in the opening minute. And as the round goes on Tank does start to push forward again. The straigh right lands a couple of times gor Garcia, but Tank responds with a left, and then one to the body. Big left snaps Garcia’s head back. Davis dives in and holds again to close the round, but it’s his round. 10-9 Davis, 38-37

Riund 5: As is becoming the routine, Garcia pushing forward in the first minute, but not a lot happening this time. Tank lands a straight left on the nose of Garcia. Now Garcia baits him into reaching and lands a nice right. Jabbing to body and head. Garcia misses a left hook and Garcia is able to land a bodyshot behind it. Another close one, but Davis had a couple of bigger moments. 10-9 Davis, 48-46

Round 6: Garcia’s showing a good ability to cut off the ring, but after that early knockdown he’s a bit nervous to throw once he has. Can’t keep it up like this. And now he catches tank with a right after another left hook missed. Needs more of that, using one punch to set up the other. Tank starting to circle round Garcia as he throws, risky as a couple of times Garcia’s turned fast enough to land the right on him as he resets. Big shot from Tank inside, as Garcia steppped in. Took it well though. This round a lot less cautious from both. 10-9 Garcia, 57-56 Tank

Round 7: Tank points out something loose on Garcia’s glove, but the ref is happy. Big right hand landed by Garcia, Tank holds. He smiles, but he felt that. Garcia looking to circle on the outside now. He’s a little nervous because both hands are power hands, essentially, but he’s doing it well. Lands a good left, but Garcia finds something in return. And as Garcia lands a left hook, Gervonta Davis drops him with a bodyshot! And it’s over! Garcia can’t continue!

A big delayed reaction there. Garcia landed a left hook, but Garcia rode it, saw the follow-up right coming, and used it to dig a left to Garcia’s body as he threw. Garcia took a good five seconds before he went down.

Gervonta Davis finishes Ryan Garcia by TKO in the 7th round.


Gervonta Davis TKO-7 Ryan Garcia; Catchweight (136lbs)

WBA world Super-middleweight : David Morrell KO-1 Yamaguchi Falcao

Super-middleweight: Bektemir Melikuziev UD Gabriel Rosado 99-91, 99-91, 99-91

Middleweight: Elijah Garcia UD Kevin Salgado Zambrano 95-94, 97-92, 97-92

Middleweight: Fiodor Czerkaszyn TKO9 Elias Espadas

Light Middleweight: Vito Meilnicki Jr KO4 Jose Sanchez Charles

Lightweight: Floyd Schofield TKO2 Jesus Valentin Leon

Middleweight: Lorenzo Simpson UD6 Pachino Hill 59-55 60-54 60-54

Light Middleweight: Jalil Major Hackett TKO-3 Jason Phillips

Bantamweight: Cuttino Oliver TKO-3 Roberto Cantu Pena

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