UFC Vegas 71 community picks and predictions:

See who the Bloody Elbow readers think will win at UFC Vegas 71.

By: Tim Bissell | 1 month ago
UFC Vegas 71 community picks and predictions:
Curtis Blaydes, who fights Sergei Pavlovich at UFC Vegas 71. IMAGO / Imaginechina

UFC Vegas 71 is Saturday night and headlining this latest APEX card are heavyweights Curtis Blaydes and Sergei Pavlovich. By now you may have seen our Staff Picks for the fights, but now it’s time to check out the community picks! These are picks made by Bloody Elbow readers, specifically the fine folks who have opted to support us with a paid subscription on Substack.

Each week paid subscribers there get a chance to make picks on UFC events and get included in our leader board. Whoever finishes the year on top the standings wins a prize (and bragging rights at the inaugural Bloody Elbow community picks champion).

For this week, our community is in line with our staff, picking Blaydes to come out on top against Pavlovich. They are also big on Bobby Green to beat Jared Gordon (hopefully without controversy).

Sadly this survey went out before we found out that Song Yadong vs. Ricky Simon was being shifted from the co-main event slot at UFC Vegas 71 to the main event slot at UFC Vegas 72. As you’ll see a lot of our readers were excited for that one (and picked it as the potential fight of the night here).

You can check out all our community’s picks for UFC Vegas 71 below. You’ll also see the picks from GirlCasual, whose picks I’m featuring since she did excellent last week going 9-5. And if you want to get in on the action (and be eligible for a prize when the season concludes) head on over to Substack. The community picks are a premium feature available to paid subscribers on Substack.

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UFC Vegas 71 Community picks

Sergei Pavlovich (28.6%) vs. Curtis Blaydes (71.4%)

image 7

Community pick: Curtis Blaydes
GirlCasual’s pick: Sergei Pavlovich

Brad Tavares (42.9%) vs. Bruno Silva (57.1%)

image 8

Community pick: Bruno Silva
GirlCasual’s pick: Tavares

Bobby Green (85.7%) vs. Jared Gordon (14.3%)

image 9

Community pick: Bobby Green
GirlCasual’s pick: Bobby Green

Iasmin Lucindo (50%) vs. Brogan Walker (50%)

image 10

Community pick: Tied
GirlCasual pick: Iasmin Lucindo

Jeremiah Wells (57.1%) vs. Matt Semelsberger (42.9%)

image 11

Community pick: Jeremiah Wells
GirlCasual’s pick: Matt Semelsberger

Ricky Glenn (78.6%) vs. Christos Giagos (21.4%)

image 12

Community pick: Ricky Glenn
GirlCasual’s pick: Ricky Glenn

Rani Yahya (50%) vs. Montel Jackson (50%)

image 13

Community pick: Tied
GirlCasual’s pick: Montel Jackson

Karol Rosa (50%) vs. Norma Dumont (50%)

image 14

Community pick: Tied
GirlCasual’s pick: Norma Dumont

Mohammed Usman (42.9%) vs. Junior Tafa (57.1%)

image 15

Community pick: Junior Tafa
GirlCasual’s pick: Mohammed Usman

Francis Marshall (64.3%) vs. William Gomis (35.7%)

image 16

Community pick: Francis Marshall
GirlCasual’s pick: Francis Marshall

Danaa Batgerel (64.3%) vs. Brady Hiestand (35.7%)

image 18

Community pick: Danaa Batgerel
GirlCasual’s pick: Brady Hiestand

Which fighters win Performance of the Night at UFC Vegas 71?

image 19

Community pick: Bobby Green (42.9%), Sergei Pavlovich (28.6%)
GirlCasual’s pick: Ricky Simon and Sergei Pavlovich

Which fight wins Fight of the Night at UFC Vegas 71?

image 20

Community pick: Bobby Green vs. Bruno Silva (28.6%)
GirlCasual’s pick: Ricky Simon vs. Song Yadong

Which fight are you most excited for at UFC Vegas 71?

image 21

Community pick: Sergei Pavlovich vs, Curtis Blaydes (42.9%)
GirlCasual’s pick: Ricky Simon vs. Song Yadong

Leader board

As we can see Adam Law has held on to his place atop the leader board. It’s close, though! Jeremy is right on his heels. Shout out to Mark Strong who had a strong performance last time out, going 10-5 at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Allen. It’s pretty bunched up at the top, though, so we could see a lot of movement in our top 10 depending on how things shake out at UFC Vegas 71.

And if you want in on the action, head over to Substack and pick up a paid subscription. Then you will be eligible for our community picks surveys and get a shot at winning a prize.

PositionCommunity MemberCorrectIncorrectTotal Picks%Picks BackWeek 5 RecordBonus Points
1Adam Law3826640.5946-82
5Luke G3430640.53157-74
7Just Simon3331640.51656-82
8Fishtown Simon3020500.60020-03
Sensei Scott3034640.469119-52
10Benjamin Thornton2935640.45385-91
11Mark Strong2836640.4381410-43
14Khabib “The Seagull” Nurmagomedov2413370.64980-03
15Keyon Talieh2327500.46090-02
Kathy Hernandez2314370.62290-01
17Beato Puente2018380.526120-02
29Arran D105150.667220-01
Thomas Goncalves1015150.667220-01
Tito Orcheese105150.667220-01
Stone Nicholson93120.750230-0
don’t care96150.600230-0
37Nasal Waxing84120.667240-01
The Oatmeal Handtruck87150.533240-01
Eric Marentette85130.615240-0
Jason Steiger75120.583250-0
Darker Than Black66120.500260-01
Are Daneel69150.400260-01
Ayaan Khan69150.400260-01
Smot Poker59140.357145-91
Oatmeal Handtruck55100.500270-0
Matthew Doolan57120.417275-7
Pastor Rose58130.385270-0
Call Me Robert411150.267280-01
Dennis Donoghue49130.308280-0
Geo Thornton49130.308280-0
The Professor46100.4280-0
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