Logan Paul impersonator slept by Nate Diaz after Misfits boxing 006, Dana White, McGregor react

People gotta stop trying to step to Nate Diaz, man. It never ends well.

By: Victor Rodriguez | 10 months
Logan Paul impersonator slept by Nate Diaz after Misfits boxing 006, Dana White, McGregor react

Nate Diaz done did it again, folks. When you’re a Diaz Brother, you have a reputation for being a tough guy that doesn’t take any guff from anyone on this planet. It’s something of a badge of honor they wear, and a big part of why they’re beloved and respected in most MMA circles, as well as reviled and hated on by others.

Like them or not, they are who they are. And that unfortunately means there’s a lot of randos on these streets that are gonna try to test them. Invariably, that leads to results that never work out well for those reckless (or plain dumb) enough to pick fights or start a dust-up with them.

So yeah, it happened again

This latest situation began at this weekend’s Misfits Boxing event in New Orleans, LA. Nate Diaz was in attendance to support his friend and teammate Chris Avila, when a dispute of some sort originated in the crowd. Not being close, Nate decided to use a water bottle as what would be considered the opposite of a peace offering.

The target was a gentleman by the name of Chase DeMoor, and I use the term very loosely here. A former college and professional (albeit minor league) football player, he’s best known as a personality on Netflix’s “Too Hot To Handle” reality series. He also participated in “The Floor is Lava” and “Perfect Match”, also on Netflix, and is mostly known for being a Logan Paul impersonator. DeMoor had fought on the card that night in a fight that ended in an unfortunate and unsportsmanlike mess. That ended in a disqualification.

You’d think not getting the win would be enough, but he seems to have wanted to earn another L by jawing at Diaz, who was seated at the front row. Whatever it was he said, it was the wrong thing to say on any day of the week. So DeMoor took to social media to address the incident.

And with that, perhaps DeMoor thought it was over.

It wasn’t over, not by a long shot.

Outside the venue, another altercation ensued in which another man got up close and personal with Nate. And it seemed he didn’t realize that Nate Diaz does not stop being Nate Diaz just because there’s no ref around.

Nate grabs ahold not Logan Paul in a front headlock choke, letting a knee off into his breadbasket. That was all that he needed as he pressed with a monster squeeze, releasing the man and leaving him to collapse face-up. No shouts of WorldStar were heard, as the man presumably drifted off with the visage of Louis Armstrong firmly present in the dreamscape that he floated off towards.

Dana White reacts

While Nate Diaz may no longer be under the UFC banner, the internet still works quick. While hanging out playing blackjack with fellow terrible person and internet personality Adin Ross (because of course), Ross showed White the brief fracas as they tried to make sense of it.

The interaction was… interesting.

Ross: Look, Nate Diaz slept Logan Paul… Where is this, where is this at, though?

White: What the f–

(Third person seated next to Ross): I told you Nate Diaz wild, bro.(referring to blackjack dealer) Want me to hit it?

Ross: Yeah.

White: He just kneed that guy in the stomach. Is that Logan Paul?

Ross: Yeah.

White: He knocked him out.

(Third person): Oh! He knocked him out!

Ross: That’s not Logan! That’s not Logan.

White: Whoever that is, he knocked him out.

Ross: He choked him out. Look, he choked him out!

(Another person in the back): Oh yeah, he did choke him out.

(Third guy, again): That’s not Logan?

Ross: That’s not Logan, look. Watch.

White: That kid’s head bounced like a fucking basketball.

Ross: Look, that’s not Logan Paul.

White: No, he’s way too skinny. Logan Paul’s a big motherfucker.

(Third guy): And they wouldn’t, they wouldn’t just have left Logan laying like that…

(Yet another guy): You’d think, right?

Ross: But look at him, he choked him out. Look. Put him to sleep.

Yes, Conor saw it as well

Former champ and Nate Diaz foe Conor McGregor had to see this. And yes, he obviously had some thoughts.

There was also this:

Followed by some digs, as is custom:

The lesson is the same as it’s been before, kids. Stop stepping to Nate Diaz. You’ll get slapped up, or worse.

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