Must-see video: Chase DeMoor lands disturbing ground and pound at Misfits 006 boxing show

Chase DeMoor was disqualified at the Misfits 006 boxing show for landing ground strikes on an unconscious Stevie Knight.

By: Eddie Mercado | 5 months ago
Must-see video: Chase DeMoor lands disturbing ground and pound at Misfits 006 boxing show

Okay, so when I hear celebrity boxing, I immediately think ‘freak show fights,’ and boy did we get a scene at the Misfits 006 boxing show when Chase DeMoor beautifully knocked out Stevie Knight — but then ruined it all by brutally attacking an already unconscious Knight with illegal and unnecessary ground and pound.

To make matters worse, DeMoor instantly started to celebrate and showboat, seeming unbothered by what he had just done. Knight’s corner stormed the ring, and pandemonium broke out. The two corners started to go at it, while the two fighters hugged it out in their own little world. Freak show!

The referee informed Chase that he was being disqualified, to which DeMoor pleaded that he was in the ‘flow’ of the fight. It’s a shame because DeMoor had an incredible performance, scoring several knockdowns and manifesting a clean knockout. It’s too bad that he had to go and find a way to lose. There is no room for ground strikes in boxing, so I’m glad to see a freak show card like this actually adhere to the athletic commission.

Stevie Knight def. Chase DeMoor by DQ at 2:59 of round 1: Heavyweight

Watch Chase DeMoor get disqualified:

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