Upset? Anderson Silva gives his Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul prediction

Anderson Silva disagrees with the Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul oddsmakers.

By: Anton Tabuena | 1 month ago
Upset? Anderson Silva gives his Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul prediction
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Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul officially happens on August 5. The 38-year-old Stockton native is marked as an underdog by oddsmakers, and a couple of UFC fighters have already expressed concern for Diaz as he heads into a boxing match against a younger and bigger opponent.

Anderson Silva has first hand insight on Jake Paul’s skills having fought the YouTuber turned boxer in the past, and he has a slightly different take. He gave his prediction and says oddsmakers got it wrong on Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul.

Silva predicts Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul

“Jake’s training a lot. People need to respect everything he’s doing, because it’s very professional and focused,” Silva told Fight Hub TV (transcript via The Mirror). “It’s very hard to say who wins, because both are good fighters. Nate is more experienced, he has good boxing and good cardio. I respect both.

“Jake has a good coach, he’s very smart. The fight is not about power, it’s about timing and both have good timing. Jake has now some good experience in boxing and is learning every day, but Nate is a beast! When you go to fight him, you need to prepare for war. I think he has more experience and is the favorite.”

Diaz is 21-13 in MMA, and will be making his pro boxing debut. Jake Paul on the other hand, is 6-1 in boxing, and lost for the first time in his most recent bout against Tommy Fury.

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