Joselyne Edwards responds to ‘hatred’ received after controversial UFC win

Joselyne Edwards says she doesn’t deserve the hate she’s received in the aftermath of UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Allen.

By: Kristen King | 1 month ago
Joselyne Edwards responds to ‘hatred’ received after controversial UFC win
Joselyne Edwards punches Lucie Pudilová at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Allen | IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

On the preliminary portion of UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Allen this past Saturday, Joselyne Edwards defeated Lucie Pudilová via split decision. That stunned fans and pundits, as the general consensus was that Pudilová should have won Round 1 and Round 2 against Edwards. 

UFC commentators discussed Edwards’ win immediately, with Brendan Fitzgerald, Daniel Cormier and Michael Bisping all agreeing that it was the wrong decision by the judges. ‘DC’ went further in a recap on his official YouTube channel, saying it was ‘some of the absolute worst judging I have ever seen in my entire life’.

Joselyne Edwards’ response to controversial win

However, to Joselyne Edwards, the judges’ decision was right. During her post-fight press conference, ‘La Pantera’ responded to those who thought Pudilová was the rightful winner. 

“Considering the amount of time I have spent watching and experiencing mixed martial arts, at this point, nothing surprises me,” said Edwards (video provided by MMA Junkie). “She did get the takedown, but being on top means nothing unless you’re working. She did work some, but she was missing a little bit more in order to get the victory.”

Edwards addressed the response to her win again, this time telling fans to quit sending her hate since she has no say in the judges’ decision. 

“1 — Thank you to all those who support me and have been with me throughout this process, along this path,” wrote Edwards. “I appreciate it very much. 2 — About last night’s fight, stop the insults and hatred and all that bad energy towards me. I didn’t make the decision, at the end the [win] I have, I can’t do anything against. I WILL ONLY SAY SOMETHING TO THE FANS, IF THEY WANT TO RESPECTED ALSO!

“3 — Hey [Lucie Pudilová] whenever you want, let’s do this again,” continued Edwards. “I told your team when we went down from the Octagon (believe me I wouldn’t want to leave this like this either). I don’t have anything else to say nor do I have to apologize to anyone because I haven’t done anything wrong.”

Pudilová files appeal to review result, gets denied

After the loss, Pudilová and her team filed a complaint with the Missouri State Athletic Commission to review the result. 

“We filed a complaint to have [Lucie Pudilová’s] fight reviewed by the Missouri Athletic Commission,” tweeted SuckerPunch Entertainment CEO Brian Butler-Au. “Despite 100 percent of the media and many established experts positing that this had to be a mistake by the judges, we were denied even the simple review. Very disheartening.”

In her first post-fight comments, Pudilová shared that she was heartbroken over the loss to Edwards. 

“It breaks my heart that I have to deal with this loss,” wrote Pudilová. “I would like to apologize to all the coaches, friends, family, fans and thank all the people who believed in me and helped me.”

What’s next for Joselyne Edwards?

Now on a three-fight win streak, Edwards has set her sights on a top-ten name for her next UFC appearance. 

“It’s been three in a row right now, so I want a ranked opponent,” said Edwards to “We’re all here chasing our goals, chasing the rankings, so I’m not afraid of anyone who’s ranked ahead of me. What I want to do next in my career is to get a ranked opponent. 

“Lastly, I can say I’m pretty happy with my victory even though I knew it was a close decision,” continued Edwards. “There’s no time for much celebration. I got to go back to gym on Monday because I’m a perfectionist. I know perfection doesn’t exist, but I want to just work on the details that I know I have to work on for my [next] fight. And the next one is going to be better.”

Joselyne Edwards improved to 4-2 in the UFC.

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