Video highlights: Max Holloway wins spirited decision over Arnold Allen at UFC main event

Check out the full fight video highlights of Max Holloway vs. Arnold Allen from the UFC KC main event.

By: Eddie Mercado | 2 months ago
Video highlights: Max Holloway wins spirited decision over Arnold Allen at UFC main event
IMAGO Images / Igor Vidyashev

The UFC Kansas City main event witnessed the former featherweight king, Max Holloway, reclaim his position at the top of the division by picking up a unanimous decision win over the promotion’s #4 ranked 145-pounder, Arnold Allen. The surging contender had some brilliant moments of his own, but the striking prowess of Holloway proved to be too much tonight.

Check Dayne Fox’s play-by-play of the final round from Max Holloway vs. Arnold Allen:

Rd.3- Holloway pushes Allen back with a combination after a lot of dancing around to open the round. Allen lands a left. Holloway looking more comfortable, flowing with kicks and single punches to the body. Allen not throwing a lot. He finally starts throwing a jab, but Holloway responds by advancing with kicks and punches after a few land. holloway avoiding most of Allen’s attacks. Good low kick from Holloway. Allen starting to show some frustration, trying to get strikes back after Holloway lands. Spinning back-fist from Holloway. Clearest round thus far, going to Holloway. Holloway 10-9

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