Creator Clash 2: Match Breakdowns

Creator Clash 2 happens tonight, featuring stars of YouTube and beyond.

By: Kevin Bradley | 2 months ago
Creator Clash 2: Match Breakdowns
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Last year, controversial YouTube star Ian “iDubbz” Jomha entered the fight promotion game with his charity influencer boxing event: Creator Clash. Pitting famous digital creators like Arin “Egoraptor” Hanson against EpicMealTime’s Harley Morenstein, this card sought to reimagine what celebrity boxing could be for the internet age. After clearing close to a million dollars for various foundations, the promotion is back this weekend with both new and returning faces. The card kicks off at 6pm ESt.

Creator Clash Main Event

Dropping a close decision loss to medical personality Dr. Mikhail “Dr. Mike” Varshavski in the Creator Clash 1 main event, iDubbz returns to face YouTuber and musician Alex Wasabi in the headline fight of the night.

Both men enter the bout with one sanctioned creator bout, Wasabi picking up a split decision win over British youtuber Deji last March. iDubbz has undergone a noticeable physical transformation post-loss, and taken his training camp to former olympic boxer Tony Jefferies. Wasabi has previously trained out of Ten Goose Boxing gym for his Deji fight and cancelled KSI bout. Both men weighed in for super middleweight.

Creator Clash Main Card

Andrea Boetz vs Michelle Khare

Former Buzzfeed member Michelle Khare takes her first step into competition against fellow newcomer and chess streamer Andrea Botez in a lightweight bout. Boetz joined Prevail boxing in the lead up to the fight, and discussed the challenges of training many times during her stream. Though new to boxing, Khare has delved into numerous fitness challenges on her channel such as gymnastics, parkour and military qualification. She also breifly trained MMA for an amature fight against fellow Buzzfeed allum, Jordan Shalhoub.

William Haynes vs. Chris Ray Gun

Commentator and musician Chris Maldonado “Chris Ray Gun” was scheduled to fight singer/rapper FroggyFresh at the outset of Creator Clash 2. Due to repeated controversial and offensive statements, Froggy fresh was removed from the card and former SourceFed host and podcaster William Haynes was added as a replacement. Haynes expressed interest in joining the first Creator Clash off of his then recent physical transformation, and has been training full time in the three weeks since his addition to the roster. This is both men’s first amature boxing match, and Maldonado has done his camp alongside fellow CC2 participant Abelina Sabrina. The bout will be mixed weight, Haynes at 145lbs and Maldonado at 130lbs.

Abelina Sabrina vs Jaelaray

Political commentator and comedian Abelina Sabrina takes on gaming streamer Jaelaray in each’s first boxing match. A League of Legends partner, Jaelaray has spoken on the positive environment and lack of hostility present between her and her opponent. “We’re the dimple duo!” she said of the two.

Sabrina has documented much of her training over her Instagram account, with her camp being overseen by former kickboxer and karateka Grisha Todorov. The bout will be at super flyweight.

“DAD” Nathan Barnatt vs “AB” Ab Ayad

A fan-favorite of CC1, Nathan Barnatt returns to face fellow CC1 athlete Ab Ayad at light heavyweight. Making quick work of CC1 opponent Matt Watson, a remarkable sub-minute TKO in round 1, the then 41-year-old quickly became one of the most talked-about fighters in the event. Ayad similarly recieved praise for his efforts against gaming YouTuber Brett “Hundar” Hundley despite his fifth round TKO loss. Moving down from cruiserweight will hopefully give Ayad the change he needs to take on “Dad.”

Marisha Ray vs Haley Sharpe

Once again trading dance moves for right hooks, Haley Sharpe returns for Creator Clash 2 after her dynamic performance against Irish streamer JustaMinx at Creator Clash 1. “I thought when they told me I’d be facing a ticktocker, it’d be over in one blow,” Minx said in an interview on Sharpe’s performance. “…I thought she was gonna KO-me.” Despite losing via TKO in round 5, many were eager to see Sharpe return for more action.

Marisha Ray is known for her work as creative director and cast member on the long running D&D livestream, Critical Role. Playing the role of martial artist Beauregard Lionett in CR’s campaign 2, many fans have been excited to see the actor fully embrace the character away from the table. “As soon as I saw it [Creator Clash 1] I wanted to be apart of it,” Ray said in an Instagram ama. “It was just wo wholesome and amazing, and it just really felt like a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Ray has been training out of Lobos Boxing Club in Hollywood, CA.

Harley Morenstein vs John Randall Hennigan “John Morrison

One of two heavyweight fights on the card, returning victor Harley Morenstein takes on pro wrestler and ex-WWE star John Morrison. Handily defeating late replacement Arin Hanson in Creator Clash 1, the massive Canadian and EpicMealTime chef documented his more thorough approach to his second boxing match. Once again taking on Jessy Thompson as head coach, Morenstein lost 70lbs and gained a much more muscular appearance for this match

“I’ve seen what it looks like going to the fifth round and clawing for it, but you just both just don’t have it.,” Morenstein said. “I never got that. I want someone to really challenge me.”

A presence in Dad’s corner for Creator Clash 1, Morrison (or Nitro, or Elite, whatever he’s feeling today I guess) was approached by iDubzz and readily agreed to fight once he learned Morenstein was interested. An athlete in the public eye for decades, this will be his first sanctioned boxing bout.

MYTH vs Hundar

Fortnite streamer Ali “MYTH” Kabbani faces returning winner Brett “Hundar” Hundley at cruiserweight. Making his combat debut last December at the remarkably not made-up Mogul Chess Boxing Championship, Kabbani displayed his fledgling striking experience against YouTube creator Chad “Cherdleys”Lebaron before winning via checkmate. Hundley, cautious about a second boxing match at 39-years old, agreed to participate after asking to select one of the charities the event would benefit.

“I chose the Humane Society,” Hundly said in his Creator Clash 2 announcement video. “[…]because I care more about the average dog’s happiness than my own wellbeing.”

Alanah Pearce vs RIPMika

Gaming content creator and writer Alanah Pearce joins game streamer and musician RIPMika in their Creator Clash 2 middleweight bout. Both women are making their amature debut, and have documented training via their social media pages.

“My goal is just to do well,” Pearce said in a Q&A on her channel. “I’m at a point now where I’m fine getting hit in the face.”

Leonhart vs CrankGamePlays

TCG content creator Lee Steinfeld “Leonhart” will face Youtube lets player Ethan “CrankGamePlays” Nestor. Steinfeld was recruited by the iDubbz after sending a congratulatory email on the success of the first show. “I’d just talked myself into live combat,” he said in his Creator Clash 2 announcement video. He’s done his entire camp at Maple Avenue Boxing Gym in Dallas, TX.

A jittery Nestor updated his followers this morning on his condition pre-fight, citing his ADHD for his nerves but reports that he’s otherwise confident.

“I will be hit today, in the face,” he said.

Jack Manifold vs Dakota Olave

Newcomers Jack Manifold and Dakota Olave are set to fight at super featherweight. Both run YouTube channels based on reaction content and situational commentary. Making his boxing debut last year at BKFC 19, Olave suffered a decision loss to fellow content creator EvilHero. Manifold enters with no fight experience, but has put out lighthearted boxing content on his main channel.

Arin Hanson vs Jarvis Johnson

An underdog at CC1, Arin Hanson hopes to snag a win against a more evenly sized opponent in podcaster Jarvis Johnson in the second heavyweight match of the night. Immediately expressing interest in a second match, the artist/GameGrumps co-founder has had a year to better prepare physically for the five rounds of boxing he has in store.

Johnson, a commentary YouTuber, discussed the lighthearted nature of Creator Clash and his participation in an episode of his “Sad Boyz” podcast with Jordan Adika.

“Kudos to him for putting himself out there,” Johnson said. “He’s got a year of training in me, so I’m doing what I can with what I can.” This will be Johnson’s debut boxing apperance.


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