Tommy Fury admits brother Tyson Fury broke his ribs ahead of first Jake Paul match

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By: Tim Bissell | 6 months ago
Tommy Fury admits brother Tyson Fury broke his ribs ahead of first Jake Paul match
John Fury and Tommy Fury. IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

In February Tommy Fury showed the world that he had the beating of influencer turned boxer Jake Paul, earning a split decision at the Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. That fight happened after two previous attempts to book Paul vs. Fury fell apart.

The first of their proposed match-ups was scheduled for December 18 2021. However, that was cancelled after Fury was injured in training. Tyron Woodley stepped in on that occasion and was KO’d by Paul.

The pair were then supposed to meet on August 6, 2022, at Madison Square Garden. However that fight fell through, too, this time due to travel restrictions on Fury.

Hasim Rahman Jr. took Fury’s place a second time only to have his own bout with Paul fall through due to his inability to make weight.

It has long been believed that the reason Fury’s second match-up with Paul fell through is because of his brother Tyson Fury. However, now it seems as though Tyson Fury was responsible for the first cancellation, too.

The ‘230 lb complete idiot’ who injured Tommy Fury has been revealed

Back when Fury had to back out of his first Paul match-up, his father John Fury revealed this was because a 230 lb ‘complete idiot‘ had broken his ribs.

Tommy Fury’s infamous training session with Tyson Fury.

Tommy Fury has now revealed that Tyson Fury is the man who hit him in the ribs. And there’s video evidence that shows it.

In an interview with Eddie Hall, Fury talked about how being hit with a medicine ball in the stomach, which was taped for social media, took him out of the Jake Paul fight.

Yeah, bang, the whole left side of my body quivered after it went down,” said Fury. “My dad, Tyson, everyone [used the] medicine ball on me. Bit too hardcore, yeah. Pounding it on Tyson’s stomach and going on to mine is a bit of a difference.”

Tyson Fury’s associations with a mobster scuppered the second Paul fight booking

After injuring his brother with a medicine ball, Tyson Fury was again responsible for Tommy Fury almost losing out on a big money match-up with Jake Paul.

Tommy Fury was denied entry to the US last year because of US sanctions against Daniel Kinahan and his known associates. For years Tyson Fury has maintained a close friendship with Kinahan, who the US government believes operates one of the world’s largest narcotics smuggling networks.

Before being hit with US sanctions a year ago, Kinahan was heavily involved in boxing. The now defunct MTK, a company Kinahan founded, represented Fury as well as other top boxers such as Carl Frampton, Billy Joe Saunders, Michael Conlan, Sunny Edwards and Josh Taylor. Their MMA division managed Darren Till, Aleksandar Rakic, Dusko Todorovic, Mounir Lazzez and Taila Santos among many others.

Kinahan is believed to be living in Dubai ever since fleeing his hometown of Dublin. He left Ireland after a failed 2016 assassination attempt against him at a boxing weigh-in show inside Dublin’s Regency Hotel.

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