‘They’re gonna see’ – Israel Adesanya wishes ‘good luck’ to Alex Pereira’s next opponents at 205 lbs

Israel Adesanya has a message for Alex Pereira's next opponents.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 2 months ago
‘They’re gonna see’ – Israel Adesanya wishes ‘good luck’ to Alex Pereira’s next opponents at 205 lbs
April 7, 2023, Miami, Florida, MIAMI, FLORIDA, United States: MIAMI, FLORIDA -April 7: Alex Pereira steps on the scale at the ceremonial weigh-ins at UFC287 - Pereira v Adesanya 2 at Kaseya Center on April 7, 2023 in Miami, Florida Miami, Florida United States - ZUMAp175 20230407_zsa_p175_176 Copyright: xLouisxGrassex

Israel Adesanya has a message to Alex Pereira’s next opponents. After four fights total fights with “Poatan” in both kickboxing and MMA, Adesanya was finally able to score a victory via second-round knockout in the main event of UFC 287 on Saturday. 

Israel Adesanya wishes good luck to Pereira’s next opponent

During the post-fight presser, Adesanya put his rivalry with Pereira to bed. And at least based on his reactions while watching the fight, he seems to be glad that it is all over. Pereira has since officially announced a move to light heavyweight, so at least for now, he’ll be someone else’s problem next.

“Good luck to the next motherf—r fighting this guy,” Adesanya said laughing in a video he uploaded on his YouTube channel. “They’re gonna see how easy it is.

“Take him down. That’s probably the best thing you can do. But if you’ll stand with this guy, f—ng good luck. Good luck. You’re gonna need it.” 

Post-fight antics aside, Adesanya has also shown respect for Pereira, and he continues to do so. 

“F—ng weird body type. He’s got the body type built for fighting. He might’ve been a f—ng one of them giant people in his, like, f—ng ancestry. The ones (that are) 10 ft. tall. 

“I’m glad it was him. I’m glad this whole thing happened with him. He looks the part, too. Like a f—ng titan. Slayed the f—ng dragon.”

Israel Adesanya lauds referee Dan Miragliotta

Adesanya also complimented referee Dan Miragliotta, the third man in the Octagon who was tasked to oversee the action. According to him, Miragliotta allowed him to have his post-fight moment, something they apparently talked about beforehand. 

“I’m glad it was Dan. I’m glad Dan listened to me. He didn’t give me any rules. I just told him, like, ‘Look, if I put him on the ground and he’s flat out, let me have my moment. I don’t want you to try… I’m not gonna touch him, but let me have my moment. 

“I’ve been waiting f—g since 2017 for this.’ And he’s, like, ‘You got it, bro.’ And that’s it, that’s all he said. He just gave me that respect. 

“‘Cause some (referees) would try to (say), ‘Hey, that’s enough!’ Bro, you’re ruining the f—ng moment. You’re making it about you. Some referees have done that in the past, I’ve seen it in boxing and MMA. They’re making it about them. No, it’s not about you.” 

With the win over Pereira, Israel Adesanya improved to a record of 24-2.

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