If I Did It – UFC 287 fallout and Endeavor forming Voltron with the UFC and WWE

The IIDI crew returns with their thoughts on UFC 287 and the new UFC & WWE mega-merger.

By: Alexei Auld | 2 months ago
If I Did It – UFC 287 fallout and Endeavor forming Voltron with the UFC and WWE

If I Did It RETURNS with John Nash, struggling with bronchitis and a popped crown, joining Eugene S. Robinson and me on issues created by the happenings of UFC 287. Plus, an ailing John does classic wrestling impressions while giving his phlegmatic spin on Endeavor pulling a VOLTRON with the OOF-SEE and WWE just moments before leaving for the hospital! It’s short and sweet, just like Kid “Paywall” Nate! Watch it here!

If I Did It: UFC 287 edition, now with 100% less Kid Nate

While you can’t hear Kid Nate talk about UFC 287 unless you pay because he’s really tired of MMA and only talks about it for money, John gives us a freebie!

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For a free taste of our takes on who should join Fyre Fest 2 (Pro tip: If you see a job post asking you to be a “Water Liaison” for a “luxury festival”, please do your research before applying) and how Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts should handle Justice Clarence Thomas’ failure to disclose trips from my cousin Harlan Crow…along with the LEGION OF DOOM and MISTYAF, check out If The Shoes Fit on Patreon!

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