Noting 9 differences between UFC and PFL contracts

This week, John Nash compares PFL and UFC contracts, noting similarities and significant differences between them.

By: Stephie Haynes | 2 months ago
Noting 9 differences between UFC and PFL contracts
Differences in UFC and PFL contracts

Episode 13: Comparing UFC and PFL contracts

1. Brief description of the type of contracts

  • Developmental
  • PFL
  • PFL Europe
  • Champion

2. Length of Contract

  • “Term” vs “Initial Term”

3. Contract extensions

4. Champion’s Clause

5. Exclusive negotiating and matching rights

6. Details on pay

  • Playoff Pay
  • Incidentals & per diem

7. Sponsors & Merchandising

8. Arbitration & Class Action

9. Fighter responsibilities re: promoting the PFL

  • Additional responsibilities for champions

Check out our last episode where we discussed changes to the new UFC contracts. That show featured changes to royalties and sponsorships, as well as fighters’ rights that the promotion’s athletes will be facing with the fresh revisions.

Welcome to Hey Not the Face!, the podcast that provides expert analysis on all aspects of combat sports finance with an intense focus on fighter pay. Hey Not the Face! will also feature updates on both antitrust suits against the UFC, in-depth comparisons of boxing pay vs. MMA pay, thorough examinations of contracts and more. The show is hosted by John Nash and airs twice monthly. No permanent schedule has been worked out, but we’ll make sure to notify everyone via our various social media platforms when new shows are released. As always, we hope you enjoy listening.

Comparing UFC and PFL contracts
Comparing UFC and PFL contracts

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