UFC 287 highlight videos: Israel Adesanya slumps Alex Pereira to win back belt

Check out the full fight video highlights of Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya from the UFC 287 main event.

By: Eddie Mercado | 6 months ago
UFC 287 highlight videos: Israel Adesanya slumps Alex Pereira to win back belt
June 12, 2021, Glendale, Arizona, USA: GLENDALE, Ariz. - June 12, 2021: for SPORTS. UFC Middleweight Champion Israel Adesanya of Nigeria Red gloves defends his title, defeating UFC No. 3 Middleweight MMA fighter Marvin Vettori of Italy Blue gloves by Unanimous Decision at UFC 263 in the Gila River Arena. Glendale USA - ZUMAb177 20210612_zap_b177_048 Copyright: xTaidghxBarronx

The top of the UFC 287 billing is where Israel Adesanya knocked out Alex Pereira to win back his middleweight title.

The opening round was a little tentative, with more leg kicks being exchanged than anything else. Things picked up nicely in the second round. Poatan was much more willing to let his hands go, and he was already beating up the lead leg of Izzy. Pereira had Adesanya pinned against the fence and began unloading heavy strikes, but Adesanya had something up his sleeve.

Izzy countered with a gigantic overhand right that staggered Pereira, and then followed up with a two-piece that put him out cold. One devastating hammerfist landed before the referee had an opportunity to stop the match, and Adesanya finally got his revenge at UFC 287.

Check Kid Nate’s play-by-play of Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya from UFC 287:


Adesanya claiming center cage. Lands a body kick. Leg kick for Adesanya. Pereira throws a high kick, barely misses. Pereira backs him up to the fence! He’s landing! Adesanya fights off the cage, back to center cage. Izzy lands a right! Body kick! 

Pereira blocks a high kick. Lands 2 to the calf. Pereira punches to the body, kicks the lead leg. Left lands for Adesanya. Jab Pereira. Adesanya lands a right. Another. A left kick. Calf kick for Pereira. Pereira barely misses a high kick. 

Leg kick Adesanya. Left hand lands for Izzy! Pereira eats 2 body shots. Low kick Pereira. Izzy lands a right but Pereira rolls with it. They close and trade punches. Advantage Pereira. Pereira hurts him with a low kick! Another. Pereira goes for the kill and Adesanya counters! 

Pereira is hurt by a right. Another! Adesanya follows up with a hammer fist to his prone opponent. Adesanya knocks him out!!!! 

It’s over. Isreal Adesanya is the champ.

UFC 287 Results: Israel Adesanya def. Alex Pereira via KO at 4:21 of Round 2.

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