Pros and Cons from UFC 287: Adesanya vs Pereira 2

This is UFC 287 in a few short tweets.

By: Anton Tabuena | 2 months ago
Pros and Cons from UFC 287: Adesanya vs Pereira 2
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UFC 287 is in the books, and it saw Israel Adesanya finally get over the hump and exorcise his demons against Alex Pereira. After six years and three hard fights that had him finding a lot of success only to lose in the end, Adesanya finally got his revenge over Pereira, in what will likely end up as his signature win.

It was intriguing to see Adesanya look fully focused and serious from the lead up to the actual fight, and him finally letting loose and going back to his dancing and other antics after finally achieving his goal.

Below, we analyze the pros and cons of each of the key bouts, with a quick twitter thread that’s short and fitting for people’s social media era attention spans:

Pros and Cons from UFC 287

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