UFC 287 results and reaction

Follow all the action from UFC 287.

By: Nate Wilcox | 11 months
UFC 287 results and reaction
November 13, 2022, NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA: Belt dispute between Nigerian fighter Israel Adesanya red and Brazilian Alex Pereira Poatan blue during UFC 281 at Madson Square Garden in New York, United States this Saturday, 12. NEW YORK USA - ZUMAc233 0193861494st Copyright: xVanessaxCarvalhox

UFC 287 is coming to us live from the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, FL tonight. The main card is filled with fascinating fights. The main event is Alex Pereira vs. Israel Adesanya 2 (or 4) for the UFC middleweight title. And the co-main has Gilbert Burns meeting Jorge Masvidal. But below those marque match-ups there’s plenty to still be excited about.

The main card also features Rob Font vs. Adrian Yanez, which should be a banger and provide a dark horse title threat at bantamweight. There’s also Kevin Holland vs. Santiago Ponzinibbio, a pair who have put on some brawls as of late. Rounding out the main card is teenage sensational Raul Rosas Jr. who gets his second test under the big lights in the form of Christian Rodriguez.

Follow along with Bloody Elbow as we score, analyze and react to the UFC 287 main card.

How We Got to UFC 287

Raul Rosas Jr. vs. Christian Rodriguez live scoring

Round 1

Rosas shoots immediately. Rodriguez defends then Rosas throws him with a whizzer and Rodriguez is right back up. They’re up against the fence and Rosas tries again but Rodriquez has a pesky underhook that’s stymying the take down attempts.

Rosas is relentless with the take down attempts and finally gets on Rodriguez’ back standing. Rosas tries to leap up high on Rodriguez’ back. Someone’s mouthpiece goes flying. Rosas trying to drag Rodriguez to center cage. Now Rosas hops on Rodriguez’ back. Body triangle! Working for the choke or face crank. Rodriguez pulls Rosas’ arm from under his throat. But this kid is relentless. Rodriguez crumples to the ground with Rosas trying for the choke. But Rodriguez gets his neck free. Now they’re on the ground, Rosas on the bottom. Rodriguez on top but will Rosas glued to his back by the figure four. Time is running out for the round.

Rosas dominant but you have to wonder if he spent too much energy and did too little damage.

10-9 Rosas.

Round 2

Rosas comes out aggressive again. Shoots in right away but seems very tired. Rosas ducks under a punch and takes Rodriguez’ back standing. Rodriguez ducks and reaches for Rosas’ leg. Rodriguez reverses and puts Rosas down. Rosas spins and they end up in north-south with Rodriguez on top.

Rodriguez in side control. Dropping elbows. Rosas rolls, going for a leg, but Rodriguez stays on top. Back to side control. Rodriguez climbing on Rosas’ back. Hand fight. Rodriguez has the body triangle. He gets his arm under Rodriguez’ throat! They fall back. Rosas is hand fighting for his life. Rodriguez peppers him with punches as he works to get the choke.

Dominant 10-9 for Rodriguez.

Round 3

They come out in boxing stance for the first time in the fight. Rodriguez is teeing off with punches. Rosas shoots. Stuffed. Rosas shoots again. Nothing doing. Another shoot. Rodriguez sprawls easily. Again, this time Rodriguez takes the back.

Full mount and Rodriguez is beating Rosas up. Rosas is exhausted and taking a beating. Body triangle applied. Rosas is bleeding from the nose. Elbow to Rosas’ face. Punches to the ribs. Gets his right arm under the chin. Goes back to punching with the right. Rosas is offering no offense, just trying to survive with Rodriguez glued to his back, peppering away. They break.

Back to the feet. Rodriguez coming forward. Landing counters.

Dominant round for Rodriguez, 10-8. Let’s see what the actual judges say.

UFC 287 Results: Christian Rodriguez def. Raul Rosas Jr. via unanimous decision (29-28×3)

Kevin Holland vs. Santiago Ponznibbio live scoring

Round 1

They touch gloves to open. Ponznibbio moving forward. Holland in side stance. Lands a side kick to the body. Ponznibbio lunges after a body punch, Holland backs away. Holland lands a right to Ponznibbio’s face. Another. Leg kick from Ponznibbio. Side kick from Holland. Leg kick. Ponznibbio lands a hard calf kick. Outside kick. Holland fires back. Holland peppering an advancing Ponznibbio. Low kick from Ponznibbio followed by a slip. He pops back up. Loud leg kick checked by Ponznibbio.

Ponznibbio walking him down. Holland circling away. High kick blocked by Ponznibbio. Body kick lands for Ponznibbio. Jabs from Holland. Ponznibbio coming forward behind multiple hooks, nothing serious landing. Holland answers a leg kick with two of his own. Holland in a more traditional stance, abandoning the karate side stance. Ponznibbio still advancing. Holland trash talking, asks Ponznibbio “You smell weed?”

Ponznibbio throwing a lot of hooks. 1-2-3 combo from Ponznibbio. Holland moving forward now. Ponznibbio catches a kick and Holland drops him with a punch! That’s a round winner.

10-9 Holland.

Round 2

Ponznibbio claiming center cage. Holland popping jabs, blocks a kick, lands a left. Holland backing Ponznibbio up. Big high kick from Ponznibbio. Holland lands a left. Coming forward behind punches. Holland lands a left hook. Low kick checked by Holland. Ponznibbio lands a clean one.

Holland moving a little awkward now. Using his range to jab and keep Ponznibbio out of range. Ponznibbio circling away. Ponznibbio checks a low kick well. Catches a kick but can’t trip Holland. Ponznibbio lands with an elbow.

Holland’s jab is sweet and landing consistently. Ponznibbio working the low kick. Ponznibbio circling away. Holland hurts him with a right. Ponznibbio shoots. Holland gets an overhook. They separate. Ponznibbio moving forward. Holland moving side to side. Holland lands an elbow over the top. Ponznibbio whiffs on a big hook. Very very close round.

10-9 Holland.

Round 3

They meet in the middle. Holland landing those jabs. Ponznibbio low kick answered by a left hook from Holland. Ouch, that low kick hurt Holland. Ponznibbio lands a left hook. Low kick hurts Holland. His left leg is hurting.

Holland with a right hand to the face, right leg to the thigh combo. Punch-punch-kick from Holland. Leg kick from Ponznibbio and he slips. Holland asks if he’s ok. Yes is the answer.

Ponznibbio jabbing. More leg kicks. Ouch. Ponznibbio lands a big hook. Another low kick. Front snap kick just misses Ponznibbio. Ponznibbio low kick and he ducks a big hook. Holland catches a kick and lands two quick punches that end the fight as Ponznibbio falls face first!!! Left hook did it.

UFC 287 Results: Kevin Holland def. Santiago Ponznibbio via KO at 3:16 of Round 3.

Rob Font vs. Adrian Yanez live scoring

Round 1

Font lands a right to get things started. Lunges in behind a 1-2. They’re circling in cage center. Yanez jabs. Font answers. Right from Yanez and one from Font land at the same time. Uppercut from Yanez. Font lunges in behind an elbow, eats a shot to the chin. Font showing swelling under his eye. Yanez lands a hard hook.

Yanez lands another jab. Low kick, Yanez. Jab jab for Yanez. Uppercut rocks Yanez. Font lands a sharp 1-2-3. Yanez backing up. Font has him running away. Font drops him with a right hook-uppercut combo! Follow up with hammer fists on the ground. It’s over!

UFC 287 Results: Rob Font def. Adrian Yanez via TKO (punches) at 2:57 of Round 1.

UFC 287 Quick Results

Main card (10 p.m. ET on ESPN+ PPV)

  • Israel Adesanya def. Alex Pereira via KO at 4:21 of Round 2. (for Pereira’s UFC middleweight championship)
  • Gilbert Burns def. Jorge Masvidal via unanimous decision ( 30-27×2, 29-28).
  • (welterweight)
  • Rob Font def. Adrian Yanez via TKO (punches) at 2:57 of Round 1 (bantamweight)
  • Kevin Holland def. Santiago Ponzinibbio via KO at 3:16 of Round 3(welterweight)
  • Christian Rodriguez def. Raul Rosas Jr. via unanimous decision (29-28×3) (bantamweight)

Prelim card (8 p.m. ET on ESPN/ESPN+)

  • Kelvin Gastelum def. Chris Curtis via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28 x2). (welterweight)
  • Luana Pinheiro def. Michelle Waterson-Gomez by split decision (29-28 x2, 28-29). (strawweight)
  • Joseph Pyfer def. Gerald Meerschaert by TKO at 3:15 of round 1. (middleweight)
  • Lupita Godinez def. Cynthia Calvillo by split decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29).(strawweight)

Early Prelims (6 p.m. ET on ESPN+)

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