The People’s History of Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou – An Introduction

Jason from MMAI's thought-provoking perspective on Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou and why 'The Predator' will be the most influential UFC fighter under Dana…

By: Dallas Winston | 11 months
The People’s History of Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou – An Introduction
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Hello all! My name is Jason, I am the founder of MMAI Analytics. We do content on the medium and high level machinations of the business of MMA while also doing micro-tactical breakdowns of MMA strategy and technique with a focus on pushing forward MMA training with data, technology and (as our name suggests) machine learning/AI.

For those that have heard of us, it’s more than likely due to the investigative documentary we released on gambling in the UFC and how integral it is to the overall business structure of the company. We also released a follow up documentary describing how managers act almost as complicit operators in the overall industrialization of the sport of MMA.

I am writing this today ahead of the imminent release of our next major investigation The People’s History of Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou. Ever since I heard Francis Ngannou talk to Ariel Helwani for more than an hour about the final end to his contract saga, I have been obsessed with putting out a video examining the veracity of his, Jon Jones’, and Dana White’s claims around the situation. We released the introduction over on Bloody Elbow’s YouTube page, which is embedded below. The full video will be out very soon on the MMAI YouTube channel and a podcast version will be up early on our Patreon. 

We were inspired by the James Krause gambling scandal

We started doing this type of work because I felt that the coverage of James Krause and his gambling saga were being approached from a purely fight facing format rather than a greater business context. The rapid changes to gambling availability in Canada were what spurred me most aggressively to complete that (admittedly somewhat rushed) essay.

Ever since, our motivation has been not to be the first to debut a groundbreaking story but to be the last word on topics of immense relevance to the UFC and the broader ecosystem of MMA.

We partnered with Bloody Elbow because they and MMAI share a fiery passion to shed light on the truth of the sport, whether good or bad. Together, I know that we can help to shine a light on issues in MMA with constructive critiques and measured solutions that retain the spirit of this incredible sport while making it more equitable and stable for those athletes that put these shows on for us.

If you have any questions about our work or methodology! Leave us a comment! I would love to interact with any and all interested fans of MMA!

The People’s History of Jon Jones vs Francis Ngannou

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