WWE’s Paul Heyman slams Conor McGregor, doubts he’ll be relevant by 50, alive at 57

WWE manager Paul Heyman doesn't see a lengthy future for Conor McGregor, in both career and life.

By: Milan Ordoñez | 2 months ago
WWE’s Paul Heyman slams Conor McGregor, doubts he’ll be relevant by 50, alive at 57
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WWE manager Paul Heyman has been beefing with UFC golden child Conor McGregor. The two men got into it briefly on Twitter, with “The Notorious” issuing a warning to Heyman, who manages WWE superstar Roman Reigns

Paul Heyman responds to Conor McGregor’s threat

Such intimidation tactics have been part of McGregor’s gamesmanship for many years now. But with mic skills himself, Heyman didn’t hold back with his responses to the Irishman’s “grampa” comments. 

“Well, I’m not a grandfather, but I appreciate the fact that I’m old enough to be, number one,” Heyman told Ariel Helwani for BT Sport. “And that I’m still thriving on top. I would like to see if Conor McGregor, at 57, is still thriving at the very top of his entire industry. We’ll see if he’s even relevant at 50. We’ll see if he even lives to 57 with his lifestyle.

“It’s not that he tweeted to me, I picked the fight with him. Let’s be honest about this. He, as a Roman Reigns wannabe, did the Paul Heyman style, title on each shoulder and gave a shout out to himself, of course. The ultimate self-promoter  in Conor McGregor, standing nine feet tall and weighing 155 pounds at 5 ‘4″.

Heyman not intimidated by McGregor at all

Heyman did recognize McGregor’s gift of gab, but he didn’t seem intimidated at all. 

“My father who was a pretty street savvy guy from the Bronx… my father used to say if you’re gonna hit somebody, you don’t walk up and go, ‘I’d kick your ass! I’mma punch you in the face! I’mma beat you up! I’mma come get you!’ You know what they do if they want to beat you up? They walk up, and they hit you. 

“He’s talking a good game, but he ain’t coming after the Wise Man. And even if he did come after the Wise Man, what if I landed a lucky shot? Like the lucky shot he hit Aldo with. And if he beats me up, who cares? I’m a 57-year-old Wise Man. I don’t see him picking a fight with Roman Reigns. 

“But then again, listen. Little people do what their little minds tell them to do. And that’s OK, I like the little guy. He’s funny to me.” 

Conor McGregor’s UFC return

McGregor, who turns 35 this year, has yet to book his UFC return. He recently concluded filming of the 31st season of The Ultimate Fighter reality show, where coached against former Bellator champion Michael Chandler. 

As of February, he hasn’t returned to the USADA testing pool, making his comeback uncertain for the time being. McGregor last saw action at UFC 264 in 2021, where he lost via first-round TKO to Dustin Poirier due to a broken leg.

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