Video: Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland engage in hotel altercation ahead of UFC 287

Jorge Masvidal vs. Kevin Holland? Two guys that love being in people's faces tried to get face-to-face. It's normal.

By: Victor Rodriguez | 11 months
Video: Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland engage in hotel altercation ahead of UFC 287
Jorge Masvidal addresses media after UFC 272.

Fight week tends to bring out the worst in some fighters. Tensions exacerbated by proximity, weight cuts, and the anticipation of combat make for less than harmonic conditions.

This week’s UFC event in Miami is already heating up, but things got a little hotter when co-main event fighter Jorge Masvidal got into a verbal spat with fellow welterweight Kevin Holland in a hotel lobby. It isn’t clear what started the altercation, but the two parties look like they were kept far enough apart to avoid any physical contact between them.

Footage of Jorge Masvidal’s shouting match with Kevin Holland

It’s difficult to make out what’s being said, but at one point Masvidal can be heard saying “Get this stupid bitch out.“ Brief and to the point, but that may be logistically difficult seeing as Holland is also scheduled to be on this weekend’s PPV. That means he’s probably also staying at that hotel and maybe they might not be too fond of kicking out a fellow guest like that.

Sorry to disappoint the street-fight fans out there, but no three pieces were dished out. Also, the soda machine broke. Fortunately nobody got hurt and no fights got cancelled, but this kind of stuff only seems to be happening more often.

Kevin Holland got into a similar situation with Khamzat Chimaev back in 2021

While Masvidal has made a reputation for extracurricular violence, Holland isn’t a stranger to this sort of situation either. Readers may recall he had a similar situation with Khamzat Chimaev in 2021, an incident that ‘Big Mouth’ may still be harboring a grudge over.

Masvidal is considering retirement if he loses this weekend, but maybe seasoning this beef early could convince him to reconsider for a dance against Holland.

UFC 287: Pereira vs Adesanya 2 takes place this Saturday night, live from Miami, FL. For the sake of the fight card, let’s hope they’re kept at least this far apart backstage at the event as well.

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