The MMA TÊTE–À–TÊTE Podcast Returns | Ep. 01 – Candid conversation between ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox & Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes

Hola cage-fighting connoisseurs! After a nine-year hiatus, 'Kid' Nate is reviving one of our most popular MMA Podcasts – join us for Episode 01...

By: June M. Williams | 2 months ago
The MMA TÊTE–À–TÊTE Podcast Returns | Ep. 01 – Candid conversation between ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox & Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes

Tête-à-tête (French “head-to-head”: 
noun – a private conversation between two people, usually in an intimate setting. | adjective – involving or happening between two people in private. | adverb – between two people in private.

Hola cage-fighting connoisseurs! After a nine-year hiatus, ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox is reviving one of our most popular MMA Podcasts. Thank you for joining us for Episode 01: A Candid Conversation Between ‘Kid’ Nate Wilcox & Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes of Bloody Elbow.

The MMA Tête–À–Tête was born as a spin off of our wildly successful MMA Bunker series about a decade or so ago. The show has always featured our fearless leader ‘Kid’ Nate inviting guests from the MMA world and MMA Media Community to have a one-on-one candid conversation with him about hot button topics in the sport. Today, we continue on with that tradition.

Previous guests have included the likes of Luke Thomas, Coach Michael Riordan, Dallas Winston, Brian D’Souza, John Makdessi, Jack Encarnacao, Zane Simon and Eugene S. Robinson. We churned out a total of sixty-six episodes of the show over the course of two years, spanning from 2011 to 2013. It is truly our pleasure to bring the show back to the airwaves for you. 

MMA Bunker, MMA Podcast, Podcast, Bloody Elbow Podcast, Kid Nate, Nate Wilcox, Nate in his Military Hat or Cap in his MMA Bunker, MMA Tête-À-Tête Special, with barbed wire and camouflage

The MMA Tête-à-Tête — 01

Today, Nate welcomes our own Stephie ‘Crooklyn’ Haynes to sit down with him and have an intimate discussion touching on a variety of topics in Stephie’s long and storied journey coming up through the ranks of the MMA Community from ‘forum junkie’ to highly respected and successful interviewer, Podcast Manager, Host and Producer. The duo also discussed the darkest chapter in the site’s history.

You can catch up with ‘Kid’ Nate on twitter @KidNate and Stephie @CrooklynMMA. Stephie shares her vast knowledge of the inner workings of combat sports in general on several of our shows. Check them out if you haven’t had the chance. She is currently: Co-Host of The Level Change Podcast, Host of Crooklyn’s Corner, Co-Host & Moderator on Care/Don’t Care, Moderator on Hey Not the Face! and she can be found having insightful Q & A’s with famous fighters and personalities in our Exclusive Interviews archives.

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