‘A pure character’: Eddie Hearn describes dinner with Conor McGregor

"The Notorious" Conor McGregor had a lot of stories and ideas to discuss.

By: Jack Wannan | 2 months ago
‘A pure character’: Eddie Hearn describes dinner with Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor speaks with fans ahead of UFC 285.

If there’s one thing we know about Conor McGregor outside of his work inside the Octagon, it’s that he has charisma. Matchroom Boxing’s Eddie Hearn thinks so, at least.

In February, Hearn sat down with Conor McGregor to discuss an upcoming fight for Irish boxer Katie Taylor. He shared his experience with “The Notorious” on The MMA Hour earlier this week. After his hour-and-a-half to two hours with the former two-division UFC Champion, the promoter noted that McGregor was “just a pure character.”

Hearn had the ‘funniest time’ with Conor McGregor

“The energy and the enthusiasm, I mean that’s one thing that I took out of it,” said Hearn. “You know that in boxing, and obviously this sits alongside MMA as well, you fall in love with the sport. He’s so passionate about boxing [and] mixed martial arts.”

The duo met at The Black Forge Inn, a pub of McGregor’s that he launched in 2021. Hearn talked about McGregor’s energetic demeanor, talking about personal stories and business opportunities.

“He wouldn’t sit down. He ordered a steak, he’s standing up, he’s showing me how he’d fight this guy and how he’d fight that guy. Then he’s telling me about, was it the Nate Diaz fight when he’s on his back and has a bad knee? He’s like a million miles an hour. But he’s like ‘we should do this, we should do that. We should do this. Let’s make it happen.'”

McGregor is undoubtedly a polarizing figure in MMA, with many legal run-ins and controversies. Hearn, however, said he loved being around McGregor due to the flavor he brings into situations.

“I’m sure everyone’s got their opinion, my opinion is I love him. In life, you want to be around people where you go ‘I’ll never forget that moment with Conor McGregor.'”

Hearn detailed McGregor’s enthusiasm for Taylor

Hearn also appreciates McGregor’s willingness to help out with Taylor’s next fight. Taylor is currently scheduled to Chantelle Cameron on May 20 inside the 3Arena Dublin.

There were hopes briefly that she could compete at Croke Park, a venue that has a capacity of 82,000, although Hearn stated that the costs around renting the venue stopped the promotion from heading there. McGregor offered to pay for the security of the event at Croke Park—however that didn’t end up happening.

“He has a genuine passion for Katie Taylor. He thinks she’s amazing. She’s a hero in that country. And he wanted to help make it happen for her [and] for Ireland as well.”

McGregor has recently been filming the latest season of the Ultimate Fighter where the longtime SBG Ireland talent served as a coach, facing off against former Bellator champion and UFC top contender Michael Chandler. The ‘Notorious’ Irishman hasn’t been seen inside the Octagon since a pair of 2021 losses to Dustin Poirier. In the second fight, at UFC 264, McGregor fractured his leg—likely the result of a checked kick—which effectively resulted in the UFC superstar announcing his temporary retirement from competition.

That move removed McGregor from the USADA testing pool, allowing him to pursue a more ‘rigorous’ set of rehabilitation treatments for his injured leg. The longterm result, however, has been another layer of controversy on the fighter’s already impressive resume. Lately McGregor seems to have been under the impression that two passed drug tests would be all he needs to get back into competition.

However, USADA has made clear that all athletes should undergo six months of random testing along with the two past tests, before they return to competition. Whether or not the UFC plans to make McGregor jump through that particular hoop remains to be seen.

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